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Weight- my biggest struggle

As a Spiney, managing my weight has become my biggest problem. I lost 50 pounds back in 2013 (actually 66 pounds down from my highest weight), but I have gained 30 of that 50 back in the past 9 months. I am very disappointed in myself, but now trying to lose the weight again and stay positive.

I've always struggled with my weight, but the depression that has come along with dealing with my spine condition for 7 years has worsened my relationship with food and I often binge eat. I eat and drink alcohol to cope with things and because I have had so many surgeries in such a short time that means that my whole life can be described by the yo yo effect. I eat to replace what I have lost because of my spine health.

I love physical activity, I love working out. I THRIVE off of it. It keeps me sane and significantly helps my depression. Now all I can do is walk. I will try swimming when cleared by my surgeon in a month or so. I love to exercise, but yet I can't do much.

Who else struggles with their weight? Anyone else have a really hard time with the fact that you love to exercise, but you cannot? (And yet you have so many people around you who can exercise, but hate it and don't have the drive to do it like you do)

If anything has helped you, please share. I am currently trying out juicing after watching the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". My doctor has reviewed the protocol I am going to follow. If I can keep my depression at bay I know I will be successful with the juicing and drastic weight loss, but the biggest challenge is always maintaining the weight loss. Knowing that a fusion will be the next step in my treatment (when my currently herniated disc gets really bad) has made me feel a seriousness about my weight that I have never felt before.

I truly hope I can get it under control and best wishes to anyone else with the same struggle. I could use an accountability buddy if anyone is interested.
25 years old: Herniated L4-L5, L5-S1 December 2008. L4-L5 microdiscectomy Sept 2010. L5-S1 microdiscectomy March 2012. Redo L4-L5 microdiscectomy Sept 2013. Redo microdiscectomy Oct 2015.


  • I feel like I could eat and eat and never be really satisfied. Especially at night, I feel the need to eat sweets. Even when I'm not hungry, I want to eat. Sometimes chewing gum helps, but that is not a foolproof remedy. I can still get on an elliptical machine, so that helps. I also have motivated walk buddies (either my wife or son--who goes with me in a stroller).
  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 645
    I tried the juicer a couple years ago... I got my money back. There is too much food waste with a model also was very loud, and the process of it had a heating equation about it that was considered to take beneficial nutrients from juice. They may have better ones out now, but I bought a NutriBullet last year, which I think is better for you. Zero food waste.

    Your not supposed to eat at least two hours before or after drinking, not good to add the extra bulk in stomach.

    The only trouble I have is in the shopping and using the fresh produce before it goes bad...hate throwing food out. If I would consistently use it, I would benefit more from it. I still eat meals on the days I use it, just not as many, and have to time them accordingly.

    My favorite thing to add in with the mixture is beets. The more flavorful things you like, and put in, the more likely you will continue to use it.

    Nutri Bullet has special weight loss packet things you can buy, but I've never tried any of them.

    I would research before buying...think mine was around $60....that was a sale price.

    What works best for me is writing down everything I eat....keeping a food log helps keep me more aware of what and how often I put something in my mouth.

    In the last couple years I had gained about 10 lbs before surgery, and 10 lbs after, from inactivity. It's coming back off ever so slowly, but it is on the decline. I just need to be more disciplined and consistent in my efforts. Halloween candy did not help!
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  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 605
    When I was on Gabapentin last year, I put on about 15 pounds. I am short & small but to add 15 pounds, it really shows!
    I've had 3 surgeries in the last year & a half. It seems like I don't bounce back as much after each surgery.
    Plus, the older you get, the harder it is to loose the extra pounds. I am 54.
    I am unable to do any kind of strenuous exercises, so all I do is walk. Right now we are having a very nice stretch of great weather (sunny & 70*). So I just keep walking. I know this nice weather won't last long & the cold & snow is coming.
  • SpineyKD23SSpineyKD23 IllinoisPosts: 96
    Thanks for all the responses and advice! I think my best bet right now would be get my mom and a couple friends to commit to walking with me a few days a week. I have a dog, so he does help motivate me. Once my gym membership is up in January I am going to look into joining a gym that has a pool so I can swim.

    Day two of juicing and it's rough! I am going to stick to it.

    Sheri76, I agree and think that I need to record what I am eating once I finish the juicing. There is great app I got for free on my phone that makes it easy to record meals.

    I think my weight struggles are mostly related to my issues of self worth. I am working on those with my counselor so, but it's slow going.
    25 years old: Herniated L4-L5, L5-S1 December 2008. L4-L5 microdiscectomy Sept 2010. L5-S1 microdiscectomy March 2012. Redo L4-L5 microdiscectomy Sept 2013. Redo microdiscectomy Oct 2015.
  • BManBBMan Posts: 111
    edited 11/05/2015 - 3:41 AM
    When you say that your weight struggles are tied to issues of self-worth, it reminds me how often emotion-related eating wreaks havoc on my own diet and friends' diets. Nowadays, I have less tolerance for being hungry because it is another state of discomfort, and I already feel like I experience more than my share of discomfort on a daily basis. Also, food itself can be a distraction from the pain. This all adds up to trouble for a diet that, even in the best circumstances, is difficult to maintain. I like that you are experimenting with different approaches and working to resolve the problem on both physical and emotional levels. That's great.
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  • SpineyKD23SSpineyKD23 IllinoisPosts: 96
    Thank you- I really wish I didn't have any emotional or therapeutic relationship with food, but honestly I have been through a lot and I think food as a coping mechanism is very common. I hope I can be successful with all my efforts and well as you guys!
    25 years old: Herniated L4-L5, L5-S1 December 2008. L4-L5 microdiscectomy Sept 2010. L5-S1 microdiscectomy March 2012. Redo L4-L5 microdiscectomy Sept 2013. Redo microdiscectomy Oct 2015.
  • Hello from me. I use lipovon. For me this is very good product. For 45 day, I lost 9 kilograms. Great result for me! 
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,268
    Please remember that the use of a product may be beneficial to one person and may be harmful to another.
    Please always talk with doctor before taking a product, even weight loss, vitamins, or other OTC products.
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • Losing the weight is only one step towards the better health journey. After the weight loss, it's all about maintenance – adopting a lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating (you may consider as nutritional food), daily exercise and continued goal setting. And there are lots of different ways to maintain your weight that help make the lifestyle switch easier. I am doing like eating breakfast daily, load up on fruits and veggies and establish manageable weight loss habits like walking once a day (that you love to do :) ). All of these can be easily incorporated in your healthy weight maintenance plan and keep you from putting the pounds back on.
    All The Best..!
  • That's exactly right. But I did not achieve this result . For this I resheih can use the Lipovon!
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