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  • :) how is everyone else doing this week? sticking with it or atleast hanging in there? remember we are all chronic pain patients and have to deal with that issue daily and then comes trying to take off some weight. when we hurt too much or for whatever reason can't watch the calories daily, we are doing all we can to just be alive and "well." it is a life changing event to take off and keep off those pounds and we have extra battles like inactivity and meds to deal with. so noone is to go around here feeling bad about themselves. everyone is a winner! Jenny
  • you are always so supportive to all of us and I want you to know that it really means alot! I will not bail out on you guys no matter what. Even though we are miles away and do not see each other we do talk everyday and I think of you as good friends. It is almost like talking on the phone everyday. I will always be posting here!
    Elaine, I learned that about the bread when I was on weightwatchers years ago. I hope it will help you.
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  • I don't think things are going too far anyway. I mean I dont have that much of an appetite but I just cant seem to lose any weight. All I do is sit in the house cause I cant walk that far before my hips start aching like crazy and Icant stand the heat. I'm almost 5 weeks post-op from my L5-S1 fusion. I feel like lifes going on around me and I gotta admit, it does get me down.
    On the plus hubby bought me a treadmill today so I can walk more without going outside and sweating like a piggy. He's being mega supportive. Tomorrow I'm gonna get my buns in gear and push myself to walk two miles on the treadmill. I need to get this weight off so tht I dont end up in surgery again next year. My back cant hold up this much weight.
    Cross your fingers for me girls and Jenny, painintheback is right, your support of us really makes a difference. It's greatly appreciated :)

    Okay well its almost 1 in the morning here, better say good-night.

    Take Care,

    Christina :)
  • christina its still early days don t run before you can walk you l still get there in the end,im glad ur hubby is being supportive that can really help,as for me i think im going to have to cut down on the lyrica i ve been quite good this week no treats the very odd slip up but i feel as if i ve put on this week,im gonna give a final push these next two days in the hope that i can have a loss
  • Has anyone heard from vic,its been awhile from she posted i know she was feeling poorly and im getting abit worried about her
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  • :) Christina, don't go to fast. going from 5 minutes to 2 miles is alot!! that could hurt you. i am sure you are anxious and want to get going but one of the worst things you can do is to overdo!!! once you get on the treadmill and start putting in some time you should notice a weight loss. right now just do the best you can do and that is all that is all you should expect of yourself. it will get better. perhaps you are "dieting" and not substituting what you like for something alittle bit different but lower in calories. like benji is doing with the bread. it is a matter of adjusting in the beginning and not a sure thing right away. give and take, trial and error! we have all been there! thank you for your kind words. they mean alot to me! Jenny
  • and I for one do not think that I will reach that 2 pound goal. If anything I have put on at least two lbs. Anyway, good luck to all and see you on Sunday!
  • theres no hope off me getting 2 pounds off by tomorrow,think il be lucky to stay the same
  • benji, stayed the same? now when is that such a bad thing? i had a box of cupcakes on my birthday and am afraid to get on the scale!!! please don't worry and realize the two pounds is not the end all and merely a motivation tool for us all. my friend, you have not disappointed anyone and you may surprise yourself at your loss. if not, there is another week to try again!!! Jenny :)
  • And next week...Lets set the 2 pound goal again! :P I doubt if I'll get any off either this week. I have been doing a mile a day on my treadmill but the weight must like me cause its not coming off. Ug!!
    Tomorrow is coming too fast.

    Christina :)
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