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Unknown pain cause



  • Thanks Savage. Great to hear that is resulting in some relief to you. I am not so much looking for pain management. Its more for someone who can authorise me to get an MRI and then who can interpret it and diagnose. 
  • My lower back pain remains completely vanished at this point. My back has not felt so robust in the last two years. I wonder if it was really just some muscular strain or tightness issues. I even did back extensions for the first time yesterday with zero resulting discomfort. Knew that it would be wise to do them at some point as part of core strengthening but had been hesitant as it is the sort of thing which could set unsettled back pain off. So I wonder if all the stretching and core strengthening is all I need to do to resolve things. Time will tell. Feeling hopeful 
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  • Wow yesterday at a festival I did acro-yoga and then lots of cartwheels. No sore back. Not even this morning. I had 4 beers before this activity which was possibly unwise but also gave me confidence. All this stretching and core strengthening has really made a difference - especially the stretching. Also I have been focussing so much on posture and lower back care with all of my daily movements and activities 
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  • Well after 3 months of total respite mild lower back pain/strain is back. Damn! Nothing very major. More a strain feeling. Was annoyed though. Not quite sure why its back. Except that I have not been going to the gym( which always involves lots of stretching) or yoga much so things must have gotten tight. Went to the gym last night and did lots of stretching before and after weights workout and back felt better after
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  • Well I thought I might do an update, so that people with back problems think that they never resolve. Most likely the odds seem worse as most people who post on here will stop posting once problems resolve and go away. 

    My back has been fine for a very long time now. The only episode I have experienced was way back around Xmas/NY and that was a very dull low level pain. I think it resulted from lying down a lot as I was on holiday. I tend to lie on my bed all the time watching TV and reading etc rather than sitting down. Seems to set things off. Was not a particular bad pain though and went away. 

    Although I never had a proper diagnosis I suspect my lower back pain was caused by a tightening all of the ligaments in my lower back and hamstrings. Since then I have been doing lots of lower back and ham string stretching and I am more loosened up now. Certainly my lower back anyways. Still quite a lot of work to do on my hamstrings. They have become tight in my 30s as a result of heavy workouts and laziness towards stretching. Hopefully it will keep getting better with stretching. 

  • Ok after a very long time I have some lower back pain again. Nothing like it had been in the past though. Some mild lower back pain in the last week. Seems to happen for me around Xmas. 

    I am pretty sure I have identified the cause of my lower back pain - lieing down too much. I have formed a bad habit of lying on my bed all the time relaxing, sitting on the internet watching TV etc. I notice this seems to cause me pain. It is worse at Christmas holidays because I am home more and rarely go away so I lie down a great deal. This was the time that I first set it off badly in the first place. In retrospect it wasnt really the gym. It was lieing down that made my back sore initially which then made it more exposed when lifting heavy weights. 

    Therefore now I know of it I am consciously avoiding lieing down alot. If I want to be lazy i am sitting on couches. That seems to be very effective at getting rid of the pain.

    I wonder what type of back problem creates this situation. 

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