Five months of Cervical Pain/Issues

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I am new to these forums! I hope everyone is doing okay.

I've been having cervical pain for 5 months now. It started as aching in my spine and radiating pain in my shoulders. It hurts to look down (it sounds like its grinding when I look up or down and when looking down I get pain down my spine and into my hips/legs) hold my head to look up or to the sides. My symptoms continue to worsen as time progress. Now I'm in constant pain with flare ups getting so horrible I cry. My legs get painful chills/entire body chills and I'm always cold. I have myoclonus episodes 3 or more times a day. My lower neck clicks when I do just about anything.

I wanted to know if anyone has any ideas on what it could be? I went to the er the other night and was given a neck brace and muscle relaxants and told I should get an MRI. I had an X-ray done in October and was told it was fine minus having loss the curvature in it.

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    I just got home on the 5th from the hospital. I had severe pain that started 5 months ago in my shoulders, both arms and hands. Pain level at 9-10 most of the time. no pill could stop the pain. MRI showed that I had a herniated disc at C5-6 and C6-7. Both disc were pushing on the nerves in that area which caused my pain. They operated by going in through my throat and fused both disc and placed a metal plate in the front for stabilization. My pain level dropped to a 2 the first day. Still probably a 2 but from my throat area. Hard to swallow but no other pain now. Get an MRI and it will tell all. Hope you get better soon.
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