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I am new to this forum. I joined and am posting hoping to get a better understanding of my husbands chronic neck pain for he and I.
My husband- 35 years old, 45 minute commute to work each way with light- no traffic. He's an accountant so spends most days at desk on computer. Slightly overweight per BMI calculator 5'10 190#
No specific known injury. Pain started in 2008 at 30 years old. Started as dull throbbing pain to neck at c5 and c6 spreading to shoulder blades. Little relief from home treatments such as otc meds, new pillows, ice, ect. Pain was nagging but tolerable so just treated at home-
2010- randomly and instantly couldn't move head side to side one day during yard work. Went to ER- got no answers -lasted about 2 hours then had full range of motion to neck - referred to orthopedic surgeon.
Pain became slightly worse after that incident and would happen more frequently but hadn't lost ROM again.
MRI 2/1011 Impression- DJD at c5 and c6 with focal disk protrusion extending para centrally to left. Impingement of anterolateral aspect of spinal cord and possible impingement of left ventral nerve root.

Orthopedic surgeon ordered set of 3 epidural steroid injections over so many months- no relief, chiropractor for a short time- no relief. T

My husband will not take more than Otc pain relievers so since then has just dealt with the pain. When in pain he can function but his quality of life suffers because it has become more frequent and he gets miserable.
2014 he started getting numbness to fingers which was new and increased pain in hands overall. Negative for carpal tunnel.

November 2015 he had enough to- got a referral to a new Orthopedic surgeon had another MRI- I don't have that one on hand but impression basically said spinal stenosis with protrusion and narrowing. It did not say anything about impingement or some of the other things the older one said.
We understand the basics of these reports but not much. We read so much and are intelligent people but do not know enough to piece it all together. We are at a loss and need any help understanding both MRI results, differences between the two, any suggested treatments, things to avoid,
Any advice / information/ explanations will be greatly appreciated!!!


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  • No PT was recommended?
  • I can imagine how discouraging you both are with all you have been thorough and all the unanswered questions you have. I hope someone will be able to help you soon. I know it is very frustrating not understanding things. Hang in there!
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    We have received a PT recommendation, awaiting therapy authorization now. The thing we do not understand is the first MRI was suggestive per MD that his disks were much worse than what the current MRI indicates however pain has progressively become much worse and more frequent with the additional symptoms of numbness and pain in hands.
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