Long term strategy?

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Being in your 20s with a herniated disc it seems like it's a death sentence because all the injections and pills are temporary certain activities I can never do again because they cause too much pain. Even if I get surgery I'll have to be as careful as possible not to re herniate or have the fusion affect my other discs at which point I'll be back in excruciating pain with no surgical option

. Is the point to just be as conservative as possible within the limits of your acceptable pain? My first doc was so conservative I feel like I wasted years of my life and I'm ready to just get surgery now. I wish I got it right away before getting on the pain pills because now I worry I've been in pain so long there is nerve damage.

Very frustrated I feel like my pain limits me so much I think I'm ready to just get surgery. Roll the dice at least have a chance at living a good life again. I feel bad for my girlfriend who has to deal with my limitations, if not all the things I've missed in life bc of this...

I still have to finish college and if sitting in a chair for 10 mins hurts this much I'm scared of how much torturous pain I'll have to endure when school starts. This pain honestly robbed so much from me that I am just considering not finishing school and getting some easy job or disability. .. I don't know. Any thoughts or advise is greatly appreciated


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    I was diagnosed with cervical problems only recently, at the age of 55. I can only imagine how discouraging it is to be young and going through this. My heart goes out to you!

    Since I'm rather new to all of this, I can't offer any advice on whether surgery is your best option. I can tell you, however, that it is possible to overcome this debilitating condition and lead a normal life. I've read numerous posts on this forum from people in our predicament, who now do the activities they love. [EDIT}

    When the future looks dismal, it's so easy to lose hope. Please don't! There is a light at this long, dark tunnel.
  • Thanks I'll look into the disc replacement. I was also injured in a car accident that wasn't my fault. I went on a bender and didn't accept my condition for so long that the 2 years to file a lawsuit expired so dealing with those 2 things is very very difficult for me.

    As for the artificial disc is it in clinic trials? Are there long term studies that have been done? I'm currently doing facet blocks which help with making the pain bearable and I'm going to try a nerve burn or radio frequency ablation very soon. Best luck to you all the most frustrating part is when we are told to just live with it or that we aren't really injured. Thanks
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