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So I have been in a lot of pain with symptoms ranging from ringing in the ears to having my neck feel like its stuck. I have pressure in my neck and the back of my head and of course the tingling in the forearm and a few fingers on the left side. I have herniation at every disk c3 and c4 and c5 and c6 being the worst of them. c5 and c6 is touching the cord slightly. I told my health care provider and was referred to a neurosurgeon so the first one I saw after a 5 min consult of him just looking at the mri and no physical exam he said there is nothing he can do for me. So I go back to my health care provider and they refer me to another neurosurgeon now this guy asked me about a epidural injection which I had one years ago and it lasted a while. so he says lets try that first so I had 3 of them in a 6 month span and they lasted on average about 2 days. The pain is getting worse and worse so after the 3rd injection did not work I was sent back to see the neuro again he then says no there is nothing I can do he looks at me and said he hoped the injections would of worked. Now this is the second neurosurgeon who has said that there is nothing they can do but again this one just refuses to give me any sort of exam. I don't know what to do next. I feel as though he just doesn't want to fix the issue. I'm only 40 years old and I feel as if I'm just being overlooked. Has any one else had similar issues with doctors just being not only very arrogant but not even taking the time to do an actual physical exam. I just need some kind of advice on what should be the next step do I try for a 3rd neurosurgeon?



  • Yes, I had a similar issue with a neurosurgeon and went for another opinion. I would recommend trying an orthopedic spine surgeon. I ended up having 2 cervical ADRs.
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  • First these surgeons can look at an MRI and know exactly what your complaints are going to be. Some symptoms will vary but not much. The MRI doesn't lie. I go to an orthopedic spine specialist group , and I also see a neuro surgeon in the same practice. The only time the surgeons laid hands on me was the day we decided to go to SX. I see their PA most of the time. He is very knowledgable and he does exams for strength etc. but really they can tell what is up by an MRI . That's why most don't examine you, in fact I am curious as to what you want them to examine ? I think they know by site of the films and your History what they can and will do for you. You said you were 40 I think ?.. Any way they also are looking out for you LONG TERM they will not jump to surgery , more often than not it is not needed. You will be very unhappy I think if at 40 you had a fusion or something surgical done for what you are describing. Maybe see a physiologist to help with motion and pain etc. I hope you feel better.
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