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how to read lumbar spine mri & neck mri??

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please someone help me. i have no idea how to read or what this thing means. and my primary doc is a [edit]. (only reason i stay is his blood person gets me every time and since i have hashimotos disease (thyroid problems) i must get blood done many times a year.
i have been suffering w/lower back problems for id say a good 20 yrs at first i would feel some discomfort if i had too many dishes to do. (standing too long) now its unbearable. the only way i can do anything is to do it super fast if i have to stand more than 5 min i start to bend over in pain the crazy part is AS LONG AS I SIT DOWN IM NO LONGER IN PAIN. it has moved from side to side anyway i got an mri (a reg. one ) a few yrs ago and was told i had some slight arthritis then i sent it to that place on tv that says they can do a non invasive surgery on ppl w/spinal stenosis and have u better in a couple days. they said i was a candidate for the surgery but they didnt take my insurance well that was a few years ago. in the meantime i got hashimotos disease and when i was given levothyroxene it seemd to make my back pain go away for over a year i could play w/my son and do things i hadnt done in years. then i was hit by a car and my neck started hurting and my lower back started to hurt as it did a few years ago and im bugging out cause it hurts worse than ever. I CAN NOW GET THE SURGERY THROUGH NO FAULT . IM wondering if anyone has gotten this surgery and how did it work? also do those excerisises work? i can not imagine any excersise working for me this is just too intense. OH BTW WHEN I GO TO THE SUPERMARKET AND HAVE A CART I CAN WALK AROUND for about 20 min w/out the cart id say about 2 min before i bend over in agony. i have an 8 yr old im 50 and i need to get back to my old self since this back and thyroid [edit] i have gained over 80 lbs i cant excersise or play or do anything. my life is horrible and id rather die than live this way. i have had enough of hearing myself "my back" i cant cause my back) its groce already. i know if my pain went away id lose 80lbs no problem. but this way is just hell. if anyone can help me read these results that would b awesome cause it seems its all in my head and i cant imagine this pain is just a lite arthritis i just cant believe that. thanks lisa


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