Thoracic Spinal Stenosis?? Anyone else have it?

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it's been a couple of years since i have been on here and i have only found one person with the same symptoms and now i can not find him. apparently this is a rare form of stenosis and i can not find anyone who could help me. i have been suffering now since 2010 but only found out what it really was in 2013 because no dr. would have thought to xray the thoracic area, it was only discovered by mistake when the tech xrayed a bit higher then normal..

now i am on medical leave since oct 2... uggg... its getting better by so many pain meds.. i am on tramadol 4 times a day, lyrica twice a day, vimox once a day, tylenol 3 times a day... injections stopped working.. but they want me to go back and retry since its been about a year now. they will not do surgery because of my age ( too young apparently) and i can still walk and i don't have total loss of my bladder..only when i lose one of those they will do surgery. oh.. the nerve it is pinching can also stop my lungs.. go figure..

is there anyone else out there that has the same issue any treatment that works for them?

let me know please!

i think this could be the link you are looking for...

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  • Hi Liz, I've just joined this Forum and I saw your post. I have Hae Spinal Stenosis at T7/8, which I was told is pretty rare as this section is the strongest part of your back, and therefore less likely to have as many problems as the Lumbar and Cervical sections. I also have Stenosis from L3-S1, plus a number of other problems to which I have put in my introduction post. I have never come across anyone else with Thoracic Stenosis in all the groups I've been a part of, you are the only other person I have come across. Nice to meet someone else with this level of stenosis.
  • Yes! It is extremely rare... Out of 16000 patients, only 9 have it in this area. I also have had it. I was a bowler and noticed a sore back after bowling. I'd bowl 14 games a week. Well , a few months of a sore back I went bowling. my first game was a 257 .. My feet went numb. After a month of seeing a gp, the Mri then surgeon, diagnosed with a synovial cyst a t11 t 12. The cyst measured 11 mm.... Spinal cord flattened to 1 mm... My feet and legs felt like they were in buckets of ice.! Very uncomfortable. Then I could not walk normally, numb anus area and penis too! Not fun!. I had surgery 4 weeks ago now. Right after surgery I could walk normal. It seems the numbness, I call " the bees", is getting better slowly...I feel like now instead of numbness, I have instead " hypersensitivity" . Instead of sex lasting 10 minutes, now it's like 2 minutes!. I came here to see ifs the
    numbness goes away...
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  • I also have it but had surgery...
  • I just joined this thread, my sympathies to others .  I am 47, I found out I have spinal stenosis compression at the T11.  (and some at the T12) The doctor suggested to do a spinal fusion, and put in screws.  Is this necessary, do they do bone fusion at the same time.  I want to be minimal with this, and wondered if I can do the fusion in 5 or 10 years when my back starts slopping.  I would rather just do a laminectomy and nothing else.  If you have any comments or suggestions I would really appreciate it, thanks very much
  • Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with thoracic stenosis at t11-t12 due to a ruptured disc. I too have the numbness and tingling in my leg and foot( mostly the left side). I have weakness in that leg and balance issues in that leg as well. I  also have the numbness at times in the saddle area and sadly the penis. I have some bladder leakage but no loss of control. My stenosis is only a year old. Mountain biking crash. The orthopedic surgeon said he nor any other ortho would touch me as far as operating do to the risk of paralyzing me. I have an appointment set up with a neurosurgeon for a second opinion. Does any one know how long it will be before I can't walk or lose sexual or bladder functions? I can't find any information on my condition. It's all about cervical or lumbar. Do you all still work or can we get disability due to this condition? Work has become increasingly difficult due to my job being physical labor. This has been a real bummer. :( 
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