14 Year Old Female w/ Cervical Herniated Disc C6-7

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i'm feeling very 14 year old daughter has been having shoulder pain on and off for the last year. she's a basketball player and when the pain first started i thought it was probably just over use/muscle strain. after basketball ended last march her symptoms were for the most part alleviated except for the occasional twitch here and there. fast forward to september and the start of fall ball...her shoulder pain came back full force she described it as sharp stabbing pain in her right shoulder blade, numbness/tingling in her right arm/hand, and pain in her right tricep. i took her in for a visit to her primary and her primary said it sounded like joint instability combined with poor posture. my daughter was sent in for an mri of her cervical spine to rule out any abnormalities and was prescribed physical therapy. she started physical therapy and it helped a little bit but she still had the nagging pain and neural symptoms. the results from the mri came back showing she has a cervical herniated disc at the c6-7 level which her primary informed me was normal at any age and not something we needed to worry about. we continued with pt until her yearly visits were exhausted, her rom definitely got better and there were a few days that she was actually able to play a little basketball with a small amount of pain. she continued her pt at home for a little while then grew lax when she was starting to feel better. well her symptoms are back and she is in so much pain that sleeping is non-existent, she hurts all the time and it's affecting all of aspects of her life now and we've tried ibuprofen and naprosyn to no avail, nothing is working. after much research of her symptoms i came to my own conclusion that this herniated disc she has is more than likely compressing a nerve, causing all of her symptoms. i finally had enough and took her in for another apt unfortunately her primary was on vacation so we had to see another gp. i took all my research with me and laid it out for this gp who in turn pretty much blew off what i had to say and stated that if she was a betting women she'd bet on ligament laxity...i'd never even heard of that before. when i asked if that would cause the numbness and tingling in her arm/hand she said i don't know about that. at this point all i want is a referral to a specialist because this is becoming ridiculous so i suggest getting an mri of her shoulder to rule that out, gp says she's not making that call and refers us to an ortho. yay, progress! but my kid is still in pain so while she is getting all the referral stuff in order i ask if there is anything we can do for the pain in the mean time to which she states no just ice it. at this point i'm feeling like both her primary and this second gp are focusing so much on the pain in her shoulder that they are discounting all of the rest of her symptoms and i'm angry. sitting up with my daughter night after night while she cries from the pain is not something that i would wish on my worst enemy but that's what my life has come down to. so we have a referral to an ortho which is good but have yet to get scheduled and in the mean time the pain is real. the day after our second appointment with the gp i took my daughter to urgent care to basically see if there was anything they might be able to do for the pain while we for the ortho. after explaining to the physician the background, what we've done and what hasn't been working he said that it sounds like my suspicions might be correct. he gave us a script for a very mild muscle relaxer and prednisone to help get her through. it's been two days and she's still not sleeping really well but a little bit better than before and the pain seems to be at least some what manageable. am i missing something that her primary and the gp are seeing? i feel like there is validity to my suspicions but if they are willing to discount it then am i way off base? frustrated! 


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    Your poor daughter, 14 with a prolapsed disc :(
    I have 4 prolapsed discs in my neck and the majority of my pain was in my shoulder for the first couple of years...I had a scan on my shoulder and it showed some bursitis and ligament fraying but at around the same time I finally had an MRI that showed the neck damage.
    Trust your instincts and keep fighting.
    You sound like a wonderful mum, your daughter is lucky to have you in her corner.
    Keep us posted.
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    Wow, 14 :( I just turned 20, I can't imagine going through that at 14, let alone watching my child in pain!
    It started out with shoulder pain and then hand issues for me as well, it took a while before it was finally diagnosed as two bulging discs in my neck. I was blown off for months before anyone decided to dig deeper.
    You are your daughter's advocate, keep pushing for her! Don't feel as if your suspicions are invalid, if your gut is telling you something, you may not be wrong. Don't stop fighting!
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  • Wow! So young to have this issue! I would keep pushing for a surgical solution. These current doctors you have just want to "mask" the problem with meds, which most of the time don't work! I would personally start up the pt again at home. It may help a little. Hope things go ok for you and your daughter. Keep us advised!
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