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Looking for your help

matalommatalo Posts: 2
edited 01/09/2016 - 9:13 PM in New Member Introductions
Dear all,

I'm new on this forum and looking for some advice/help based on your experience. Sorry for my English as I'm not native speaker.

I'm 36 years old male and having issues with my back for a log time (since my teenage) but realistically "only" about last 10 months of chronic low back pain. Now waiting for MRI results but from x-rays I have something called osteochondrosis grade 2 in multiple areas (L2,L3,L4) and grade 3 in L5-S1. Worst symptom is that I feel almost constant pressure in low back area which ends usually in nerve pain after longer time of staying or walking (is that definition of flare-up?). I'm scared of quick moves, running or sneezing as this usually ends with the same results. I was proposed by surgery which I declined for this time. Being wanna be active person (ski-touring, skiing, hiking or at least walking with my kids) this is quite big limitation. Surprisingly I'm quite active in terms of sports and on top of physical therapy I perform MTB in summer and sport climbing whole year 1-2x per week. This is manageable for me as neither long staying nor walking is required. True is that I have seating job and really not spending too much time on my legs for years but was able to walk more than 10km last winter which is for me sci-fi now.

On top of issues with low back I have also never-ending pain in right groin, right rectum and low right abdomen diagnosed as prostatitis and later as chronic pelvic pain syndrome CPPS which is just new name for the same but at least doctors recognized that this issue has probably nothing to do with prostate. This pain is bad, but not nerve related so no physical limitation for me just makes me sleep and getting motivated hard.

These 2 things even doesn't looks like life-threatening, slowly destroying my life. Recently I did some research and found several things which I'd like to discuss with someone with similar experience. I found diagnosis of similar diseases very difficult where for one the same MRI screen means disability and another one could be Olympic games winner. Inflammation is many times not visible from standard medical tests (especially for CPPS). People quite common react on weather and are anxious or/and depressed. Surgeries have very questionable results (if any in many cases). Medications (pain, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety) are often very addictive and not working after long term use and physical therapy might help to release some symptoms but usually it is also not "coming back to life" .

Putting all of above together I have some proposals and would like to know your opinion on this.

1. Many people are anxious or depressed but it's not clear for me whether they were also before back pain. For me personally it's important topic because I was always anxious and think it can be actually one of the reason and not just result.

2. Does someone have success story just with medical treatment? Means corrected back proved by MRI longer than let's say 5 years after surgery?

3. Have someone tried to correct bad discs just by spending much more time on her/his legs? This is something I'm trying right now. Even on pain there are already some results but it's too early to publish it as success.

4. Have someone tried AD medications for low back pain? My theory is that after long years of anxiety in some people pelvic muscles are so tight that they are not able to release. This pressure might affect all pelvic environment including rectum (internal hemorrhoids, colitis), pushing on nerves, causing back pain.

I never touched any medicine except paracetamol like even prescribed with because I'm too scared about addiction and there are also some studies (especially about SSRI's as an example) which describes this pills like placebo with strong side effects.

Looking forward for your thoughts.



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  • You're not going to like what I have to say but here it is. Do you want to run around with your kids /grandkids in the future? Or play the hero for now being selfish and doing your sport? You have been offered surgery why do you think that is? As for not taking meds Why be in pain when you don't have to be? Being another hero? I bet your family don't think so when you are in a bad mood because of the pain. You need to ask your surgeon straight where will I be in X years if I do not have the surgery ? Because most people appear to get worse by delaying what is probably the inevitable. I know I sound hard and horrible. I'm sorry but people on here and on other forums are in continuing agony and do not have the resources to get themselves pain free, you do.
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  • I appreciate any response in discussion and hope that even confrontation can move things forward. What I tried to say is that the cause of many of our issues can be something completely different than mechanical issues visible in MRI screens. For those cases surgery might be just short, temporary pain release episode (if actually is). This doesn't mean that there are no reasons for surgery in many cases, especially in acute episodes/injuries but if you built your chronic pain with years of seating or body dis-balancing, I'm not that sure. I will hopefully never just accept the situation and go only for pain medication because they are not treating anything, just masking symptoms and at the end possibly causing more problems than disease they were prescribed for. Pain episode is sad and depressive, but not that much like years in withdrawal symptoms after many medicines prescribed for our issue (benzos, SSRI's, opioids). There are millions scary stories published and available today and honestly ... all of them started with prescription from professional many of forum members referring to. But it is different story and I don't want to be offensive in that way because all people should have possibility to choose their way.

    I was never asked by specialist to finish my sport activities, just to be careful with reaching the limits. Actually they indicates that only those who are trying to move as much as possible, and even against the pain, have at least some chance to fix the problem. That's the reason why I'm looking here for similar experience, volunteers who already tried "my way" . Very interesting in your response is that you recommend to stop with sport but not to change seating job even almost all back pain sources are saying opposite = less seating, more moves. But you are completely right that I should give a chance to pills at least during flare-ups.

    With new year I started to spend much more time on my legs (mainly walking), even against the flare-ups. My goal is to be able to walk 10 km this year. As well looking for best solution how to manage to release muscles in pelvic and low back area, which is very tricky because many stretches doing opposite actually. In December 2015 I was able to stand or walking for max 30 minutes (~2 miles) with automatic pain after. Now it's more than 1 hour with the same frequency of flare ups. Still cannot run, jumping and lifting heavy things. Going to buy some tracking watches so I can measure it in details. Having 3 moths old baby, strollering is great workout for my purpose :-) In parallel checking all other possibilities with orto.

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