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New Member....Hi everyone!!!

Rachel ShillRRachel Shill Posts: 3
edited 01/11/2016 - 6:33 AM in New Member Introductions
Hi there, I'm Rachel, I'm 35. I have a number of areas of my Spine affected. Since the age of 20 I suddenly started to get back problems, I was a chef working 90 average weeks. It wasn't until 2006 age 26 that they finally did an MRI of my lumbar Spine. They found a Scoliotic Curvature of the Lowe Spine,Severe Central Stenosis from L3-S1 all with huge disc bulges, facet joint hypertrophy and an annular tear at L4/5. This caused me a lot of problems, I managed to carry on working until 2012 with a number of long periods off work through that period. From 2009-2012 I struggled and my condition deteriorated, I had new scans in 2012 and found It had degenerated at an alarming rate, which my Consultant said was duet omit being Congenital, (Long history on paternal side of Back problems). My Legs started to get really weak and by the end of 2012 I had drop foot in both feet. 2013 unfortunately was a bad year, because of my drop foot, I found it difficult to clear steps and my back had a habit of giving way at random times, February 2013 I happened to be at the top of a flight of stairs at home when my back and legs gave way, long story short, I ended up in Hospital for 3 weeks. September came round and I'd been working extremely hard to get back some control in my legs, when I had another fall, this fall resulted in loss of feeling and function in both legs, They Did an MRI scan of my full spine and discovered I had serious disc protrusions at C3/4 and C6/7 both indenting the spinal cord and another massive protrusion at T7/8 indenting the spinal cord and also Central Stenosis and evidence of Juvenile Disc Disease, (which now gave confirmation that it was Congenital), Which also made sense from the Cervical spine as I had been experiencing a lot of nerve problems in my shoulders arms and fingers(I had had Carpal tunnel surgeries to both hands previously, when I was a chef). I now am in a Wheelchair, still working hard at rehab to get better strength in my hands and fingers and to try and isolate specific leg muscles. I experience muscle spasms in my legs and back, sometimes in my arms and a lot of stiffness. I'm lucky to have the Quatrro Plus Air Mattress on my Hospital,bed at home which makes a massive difference to pressure relief mattresses and of course, I have a hoist which is really helpful. I'm being moved to a bigger property by social care and am awaiting to have my Powerchair come from NHS Wheelchair services. I have to have full time care, which actually means I can now access the things I want to do instead of being stuck at home. Thanks for reading and sorry it is such a long introduction......It wasn't intentional. Rachel


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  • Thank you for giving me all this information about the Forum, how it works and such. Very helpful, I will be sure to read through everything.
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