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  • kw1960 said:

    GilFranklin said:
    New at this, please let me now if my question is inappropriate.  My wife and I are both on pain medication [opioids], I am 76 and take three pills a day (back pain) and get enough relief to function without unbearable pain. But my wife [69], with two artificial knees and really bad back pain takes 4 pills a day and still has pain.  The other day I caught her taking four (4) ibuprofen [brand name withheld], and I told her not to do that.  She insists that she needs the additional medication, but  know it will eventually cause liver problems.  What should I do to prevent her from doing this.  Yes, I am bigger and stronger than her, but that doesn't mean s**t for stopping someone from this behavior.  Shall I call her doctor?

    urbaneve said:
    i just started taking topomax for my migraines, maybe i will find that it will help with back hip and leg issues.  it would be nice.

    to the man that is having issues with his wife taking ibuprofen - you can show her this


    Rates of serum aminotransferase elevations during low dose, chronic
    ibuprofen therapy are comparable to those that occur with placebo
    controls (0.4%).  However, higher rates of ALT elevations occur with
    high, full doses of 2,400 to 3,200 mg daily (up to 16%).  Generally, ALT
    elevations are mild and rarely above 100 U/L.  Ibuprofen overdose
    (>5-10 grams) is characterized by onset of agitation and stupor 3 to 6
    hours after ingestion, followed by coma, respiratory depression and
    lactic acidosis which can be fatal.  Most cases of ibuprofen overdose,
    however, have not been accompanied by prominent liver injury or

    Maybe that will bring her awarness of what she is doing.  also if she is in that much pain, then she needs to be re-evaluated. 

    I apologize for the format of my reply, but I can't seem to reply to the original poster, the husband. I will include my reply to both the husband and to the poster who recommended the husband try to scare the wife into stopping the number of pills she takes. 

    To the husband, why do you feel she is taking too much medication? Is it because the bottle of Ibuprofen most likely instructs that users take 1-2 tablets, not to exceed 6 per day? Yes, a person is directed to take the lowest possible dose to control their pain, but from what your wife is telling you, she needs the full maximum dose of ibuprofen, which is 800 milligrams, with 3200 being the max for a 24 hour period. (I just checked this info to confirm, I'm not just inventing it, lol) 800 mgs is 4 otc pills, but usually the prescription pills are just one larger pill. Rather than try to stop her behavior, which doesn't seem to me to be a problem unless she is taking MORE than 3200 mgs per day,  but if you are worried, go with her to her next doc appt and discuss your concerns there. I myself was instructed by more than one physician to take 800 mgs of ibuprofen not more than 4 times per day, because that dose is effective at relieving inflammation in your body and not just pain. 
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