Non fusion after ACDF surgery

I was wondering if anyone has had problems with non-fusion? I had ACDF surgery of c-6 & c-7 in March 2015 and as of last week I still have not fused. I have hardware with donor tissue. I have no idea why I haven't fused yet and now I have to go in for a nerve study but I was wondering if anyone had this issue and what was done? Any info would be appreciated.



  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809
    I had a double level lumbar fusion in May 2013... and after 18 monhts the lower level L5-S1 joint had not fused solidly and as a result one of the pedicle screws at the L5 level broke. Shortly thereafter the L5-S1 bone fusion itself (what there was of it) slipped and I had to subsequently have the complete fusion surgery for that level redone from scratch. My surgeon gave me no particular reason as to why the fusion didn't take other than to say it sometimes happens. I take a daily vitamin D supplement (Caltrate) and a weekly doage of Fosamax to try and help with my bone density and bone growth.
  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 593
    I had ACDF on C4-5. After almost a year, it didn't fuse. I ended up having a second surgery through the back of my neck. I was never given a reason as to why I didn't fuse the first time?
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  • ArtsygalAArtsygal Kentucky Posts: 27
    I  had acdf at c5/6- c6/7 little over 2 years ago and just recently told I didn't fuse and have adjacent level issues as well as foraminal narrowing. No idea why I didn't fuse. Waiting for the call to get surgery date. Will have anterior approach day one and day two posterior approach, told to expect 3 days in hospital. Best of luck to you, and hopefully you won't require a revision surgery!
  • HualaniHualani Big Ilsland HawaiiPosts: 56
    Im so  sorry to hear  you're having trouble. Kudos to those adding vitamin D-3 and calcium supplements.
    Its too common that Pain Patients are low on D-3 and worth the bloodwork to check. Wendy, I didnt catch your age, but we women also naturally fight bone density as we begin to go through middle age. I hope you can also work with your PCP for bloodworkup and bone density scan. Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and what is being done to
    kickstart calcium fusion.Im going to go read more right now see If I can learn something new about the "ifs" and "whys" for fuse/no fuse. I go for my surgery in 5 days= this is taking forever (typing with left hand only-right is useless, herniation and C7-T1 pressing s chord (not foraminal)....voice issues, no feeling, them weakness and motion loss-degraded quickly.
  • Hope im not responding too late. I had acdfC6-C7 that did not fuse. Terrified about second surgery and more screws to be put in my neck, i started reading. It turns out some surgeons report seeing patients still fusing after two years. Try taking max dose (check with your dr, usually around 1500) of Calcium Citrical and protein. those two with vitamin D is what you need for bone growth. Reason for Calcium Citrical is that your body can absorb it even when taken without food. For protein i have used muscle building powder formula (cant remember the exact name). that is the easiest way to load up with protein i think. I was aware about good nutrition requirement prior to surgery but turned out i really had no clue what that meant. I drank lots of juices and other things that did not provide the building blocks for fusion to form. Once i started drinking protein shakes and taking calcium i actually started feeling that im fusing in about 4-6 weeks. Good Luck!!!
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  • Sue 1965SSue 1965 United KingdomPosts: 111
    Hi I had acdf c5-6 on 211215-I don't see my surgeon for 10 months-but he said that he will do an xray at that point out of curiosity-he said it does'n necessarily matter if I Don't fuse! 
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