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Newbie looking for comfort and support

Hello all!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I'm twenty-five years old and currently suffering for lower back pain, it first went back at the end of August, was finally taking seriously eleven weeks into not being able to walk properly or stand for longer than a few minutes without severe pain. Finally diagnosed with a herniated disc. I've seen a physiotherapist once and then she wanted to discharge me even though I still can't do 90% of my day without someone with me, and even with the exercises I've been given I'm in a lot of pain although I was told by now I would be fine. I've never had an x-Ray or an MRI, but I'm really at the end of my tether with everything :( so I'm popping to the docs next week to ask for the next steps (as they seem unwilling to do anything with me than drug me up and give me a dick note each month).

As many of you know I'm sure, it's very lonely and isolating having a back ailment. My friends don't come to visit me anymore and I can't go out to see them. I'm kind of stuck inside most of the time - my wife will take me out for a short walk to get some exercise and sunshine bless her. So I'm hoping to read some stories similar to mine and to hear from some of you and your experiences.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Peppy xxx


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  • Hey Peppy,

    It is the start of a long battle, so welcome to the club! There is a lot of support and information on these pages. I wish you the best, and whatever you do, keep walking!! It's impossible for me to cope with pain some days (even with pain meds) if I don't swim or walk. I am six years into my back pain, it all started when i was living in the UK, where I had a hell of a time finding anyone to do more than what you mentioned (pills and a note). No consultant took me seriously, and some didn't even look at the films I had. Then, I got cauda equina syndrome and had to be rushed to the hospital. Finally, I found a doctor who helped me with a discectomy/laminectomy for my herniation. He did another surgery of mine in 2014, and I am now in the Netherlands trying to arrange a fusion. It's hard losing the life you knew well, and counted on. It's also hard mourning parts of your body that don't work how they should or use to. Keep up the fight, and don't suffer in silence. I just got back from the airport recently, and had to repeat at least a dozen times, "Please slow down, i can't walk that fast." I feel guilty I have to even mention my back disability. Well, I guess that's just the was it is. Whatever happens, be assertive! And message anytime, keep us posted with results, and stay strong, because I know how depressing and frustrating this can be. Take care, and good luck at the doctors office!!
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