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Cervical herniations and leg weakness and numbess

I have a c5/c6 herniations with nerve impingement on spinal cord . I' also have mild bulges on c4/c5 and c6:c7. I have been in chronic neck and upper back pain for a yeat. I recently got an epidural shot which did t help much but now I have weakness numbness and tingling in both legs feet and hands... Is this part of my herniations , could it be a side effect of epidural ? I'm realky freaking out thinking I have ms... Please help


  • SavageSSavage United StatesPosts: 3,356
    edited 01/16/2016 - 9:20 AM
    Curious what kind of doctor are you seeing?
    Pain management?

    Curious what did doctor say when you explained symptoms you have after epidural?

    Did you explain your anxiety to doctor re fear of MS?
    With Doctor assessing you, he would be best to guide and or reassure you.

    I can appreciate that often times, having issues ruled out is as important as diagnosing.
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