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10 weeks post op ACDF C6/C7. Numbness/tingling/burning/prickly

I am 10 weeks out from an ACDF C6-C7 for severe cord compression Nov 5. I never needed pain meds after surgery, blessed for that . But my tingling/burning/numbness is back on my upper back and comes across under my arms to the side of my breasts.. Sometimes my arms feels prickly too. My head still sometimes feel like I am sleeping on rocks. It is annoying and messes with my head. Also my neck is very achy. My head seems to hurt the most were it connects to my neck. I also,hear cracking noises in my neck. Does this sound normal at this point in time? I wore a hard collar for approx 6 weeks and am back to driving. Surgeon said at my 6 week appt he will see me in 3 months too let the nerves settle down. What do you think?


  • Hi
    I'm going through similar numbmess in both hands and feet post op six weeks after three consecutive surgeries. I have complained about nerve flair and numbness to the physician and get told very little. I like you are left wondering? Will this numbmess go away?
  • I had a 3 level cervical fusion 8 months ago. The burning is from the surgery. You need to give it at least 3 months. At 8 months I still have recovery pain. Take it really really slow. Do not push yourself because it will make it worse and set you back. Rest.
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  • Jill
    Thanks ,
    I think most of what I'm going through is pushing to hard and that I have only talked to the P.A. and not the doctor.
  • I had C-3 through C-6 fused. I am 3 weeks into recovery and thankfully have few if any complaints. My toughest obstacle in the first 3 days was swallowing. I almost choked on pills several times and had to almost have the Heimlich done to get the pills back up. Started grinding pills and taking with a minimal amount of water. Ended up having Prednisone prescribed which helped a lot. My initial symptoms were not pain but peripheral neuropathy in thumbs and forefingers of both hands. Numbness in the left hand has all but resolved, right hand a little slower as it was more intense to begin with. Wore hard collar 24/7 for first 2 weeks and now only when leaving the house. No driving yet either. I have reduced pain meds to Tylenol only and am sleeping on one pillow. Based on what I have read from others I am the exception not the rule. I was told that numbness resolves much slower than paralysis or weakness. I would not hesitate to have this procedure done as in my case my C-4 was very much out of alignment and could have eventually resulted in paralysis. But make no mistake even though this is a "routine" procedure it is major surgery. Hope this is helpful to anyone considering this procedure.
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  • Thank you everyone for the responses. It went away for awhile and now it's back. I found a good pillow and am finally sleeping better. I do ache all over . I see the surgeon again march 21, as he said I need to give it 3 months to settle down. I do find looking down a lot flares my pain. Not on pain meds so I guess I shouldn't complain
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