Constant acne post ACDF C6/7 w/hardware

Ever since my surgery 7 months ago, my face has broken out. Not just regulag acne. But painful, constant white pustules. They are small and through out the day randomly pop up around my mouth, nose and recently between my eye brows.
I found out last week I will have to have my 3rd neck surgery due to compression from my ACDF. I now have a bone spur pressing on my spinal cord C7/T1 right side. The pain has been worse than before the ACDF. They did a CT to confirm my fusion is complete and MRI to see why I am in so much pain again. Since I'm fused my Dr placed me on steroids, which in the first day relieved most all of my pain and cleared up my face. Now that I'm off the pain and swelling has returned. Plus the painful acne is back. Has anyone had this problem? I'm so frustrated to have to deal with another surgery when I haven't even fully recovered physically. I am just happy to be able to work part time to keep my mind occupied on things other than the pain.
I'm posting this just to see if there might be a possibility that I'm having a reaction to the stuff in my neck. I've been very slow to heal. I have redness that will appear on my neck around the surgical sight and I just feel like the acne is from the hardware.


  • SkoshikaSkoshika Washington StatePosts: 22
    I now know what the issue with my face is. I am going to create a different forum so people looking for this specific issue can find what I have gone through and hopefully help them along the way. I found out that I am allergic to the metal plate and screws. Please look for my new forum and see what I had to go through to find out this information. It will be under ACDF Allergic Reaction and Removal.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Thank you for your update!
    Im glad you found and resolved your allergy.

    So many times allergies may be seen outwardly, such as face, and sometimes inwardly, ex.swollen throat.
    Another reason so important to report all symptoms to your doctor!

    Thank you for taking the time and sharing your story

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  • SukhreSSukhre San Diego, CAPosts: 85
    hi skoshika 

    did you use allograft or autograft? cage with plating? or allograft with plates?

  • SkoshikaSkoshika Washington StatePosts: 22
    I had a plate and screws in. I just had it removed last Thursday and my face cleared up immediately! The bone they used was a cadaver, but I can't remember right now if that's an allograph or autograph. I'm on alot of pain meds lol. ;)
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