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Update - Spinal Fusion - Week Long stay in ICU



  • the business about the crashcart. it is downright scary to see what actually goes on in these hospitals. God help you if you are in a coma or not able to look out for yourself and you do not have somebody there at all times watching the drs and nurses backs! I will not lie it has been very difficult. The first year after the ICU thing he was like a child. That has been 9 years ago and he has come a long way but still has confusion, short term memory loss and severe depression. But when I took my vows I took them very seriously. Better or worse, sickness and health. That is a good part of what is wrong with the world today, no values at all. Good luck with your meeting! Please just make sure that she is a keeper and really would stand by you through thick and thin before you get too serious! Please keep us posted on how it goes.
    BTW- My husbands blood oxygen was below 40 for atleast 24 hours before he was intubated.
  • Hi Veronica,

    Crazy story about the plane crash! WOW.
    Incidents like that will definitely leave a huge impact you your outlook for flying.

    I am glad to hear that you are doing better.
    I had a L5/S1 TLIF Spianl Fusion surgery and Laminectomy.
    My surgeon used a cutting edge new procedure (minimally invasive).
    My surgery was at UCSD and the nuerosurgeon is regarded as an pioneer in the field of Nuero Surery - so, I guess I got lucky with my surgeon / recovery time and size of scar :)

    So - the date went well. She is an amazing person and I could see my self going on many more dates with here. I was stoked that her picture really looked like her and and did not seem to be psycho :)

    Chat with you soon.
    Have a great week.

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  • Hello,

    I can totally relate to your husband. My oxygen level was below 50% for four hours and I stoppd breathing for a few minutes.

    I had short term memory loss and slurred speech. It did cause some depression. The experience of being intubated while you are awake was and is still hard to deal with.

    As for dating - My wall is huge right now. It will definitely take a keeper to bring down my wall again. Hopefully she is out there.

    Please pass on my best to your husband.
  • Hey there Ellen,

    How are you?
    You are right - it is a small scar. I had a L5/S1 Fusion with a laminectomy. My nuero-surgeon used a cutting edge procedure on that dramtaically reduced the incision size and recovery time.

    I had my surgery at UCSD in Hillcrest.

    If you're ever in the downtown area - drop me a line :)

  • So glad to hear that your date went well! I always wondered if the people on those sites use their real info and pics. Maybe this will be your soul mate! I always thought that it is a good idea to match personalties, likes and dislikes up. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, Pete.
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  • It's true, you can meet someone on the internet and be happy. I met my husband online in a chatroom of all places 7 years ago and in August were celebrating our third anniversary. Dont give up on finding your soulmate, she'd out there and when it happens be prepared for that wall to come crashing down.

    Take Care,
    Christina :)
  • No, I have not been there. I work in the plastics industry - so we send a lot of material over there. And of course a lot state side manufacturers have moved their production there. :(

    Are you going to go back for the Olympics? :D
  • Small world - I am in the Rapid Prototyping / Injection Molding industry.

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