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Post Cervical Fusion C6-7 pain, MRI

kaylanakkaylana Posts: 2
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I had cervical fusion on C6-7 four months ago for a herniated disc causing pain in left neck, shoulder, arm, pain and nerve pain in the hand & fingers. After about the 3rd month the pain started up again, so I just had a new MRI with Tesla 3 and the impression indicates:
At C-7, there is anterior fusion with 2 mm retrolisthesis and disc/osteophyte complex producing mild spinal stenosis and moderate left foraminal stenosis including displacement of the left C7 nerve root.
I was hoping my surgery would have corrected my problem, but am confused about this MRI impression. Does this mean that the fusion failed and I still have a problem? I'm not sure what the displacement of the left C7 nerve root means. Any idea?

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