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Scs lead location for foot and leg pain

I had back surgery 7 months ago. I regret doing it but what can I do now. It was my choice. I was scared and maybe doing nothing would have been better as my body and spime were like this for years and it acted up causing my leg weakness and genital pain. None thr less, based upon my mri findings and symptoms the doctor recommended decompression surgery. I did not know a lot about spine surgery. I got one second opinion which also said surgery but I did not have the knowledge to ask about the pros and cons of different surgical approaches, etc. I should of been more prepared but I also felt I was racing against time.

None the less i underwent a T12-L1 posterior laminectomy disectomy with interbody fusion and instrumentation and a L2-L3 hemi laminectomy on the left side. I awoke with new pain in my left sole of my foot. A burning pain. I still have the burning pain in my foot and also get it in my legs in general. It's especially bad on the left side. Both feet both left is worse. Maybe left is worse cause that's the side he crossed to do the disectomy and interbody fusion cage. Well the post surgery mri still shows the protruding disk and bone traction spurs. I guess because of his approach he could not remove that. I wish I knew more and why he chose this approach. He thought it would be safer and that a posterior decompression would allow my cord room to go back but the mri shows it didn't move much.

So I'm seeing other doctors and getting options. Many don't recommend revision surgery and say it's too risky. One said it could be done from the side but wants to wait to see if I get better. Some suggest scs.

So In order to get relief at the left foot (:sole and heel) and calves and left thigh and maybe also the right foot (I don't have lots of pain in right thigh or calf), where would the leads go? With my previous surgery and hardware, can I still be a candidate? Is the nervo system better as it doesn't cause the parathesis? Of the other systems which is best. Someone said St jude is good but didn't explain why? Any help would be appreciated. Im now in the Philadelphia area so there are some good places. I plan to visit some high level University neurosurgeons for opinions.



  • I had a stimulator implanted Oct 2014 for long-term left leg & foot pain.  The paddle lead is located about the T-8 to T-9 level.  The nerve damage I suffered is in the L4-L5-S1 level but apparently the T-spine is where they can access the right nerves.  They will determine this with a trial procedure.
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