Cervical artificial disc replacement

I am scheduled to have cervical artificial disc replacement surgery this Tuesday and want to know if anyone has any advice to give me and updates on their recovery. I am nervous about the lifespan of these devices as their were iasues with the Charite disc. Any advice, info, personal updates would be greatly appreciated.

A little
I am 34 years old, active mom to a 4 year old abd 2 year old. I started having pain almost a year ago. A few of my symptoms are numbness, shoulder pain, neck pain, weakness in arm and legs particularly left side, and headaches in back of head.
I have tried PT, had several epidural injections and teigger point injections and oral medications (those atw hurting my stomach) and also rest. I havw not been able to work due to the pain as my job is physically taxing working with disabled children and my own chidren are physical me demanding as well as they are so young. I met with 1 surgeon that suggested fusion then received another opionion for ADR since i am not getting releif after all these other medical interventions.

I am extremely scared and dont want to make the wrong decision or end up having to have repeat surgery in a few years or worse end up paralyzed or worse off from or after the surgery.

Please provide some info ao i can make a sound decision in the next few days.



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  • Hi
    My surgeon is using the mobi c. I am so nervous. I keep going back and forth. My family thinks i should wait it out and mot gwt the surgery but i miss being active with my kids. I used to go out EVERYDAY and now i am very limited or if i push myself then i am suffereing the consequences later. Everyone is afraid for me. I am concerened since i am so young that i will have to have surgery again later in life when im 40 or 50 since no one knows the shelf life of these devices. Here is US i think the max was 10 years sonce thats the time frame of the trial. I wish you all the best. 
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    The Mobi-c is the one that I want too, and from all the research that I've done, it's a solid choice for cervical levels for many reasons. That ADR forum has been the best source for making contact with other people that have had ADR that I've found so far. Like you said, there's not a lot of information out there! I work in academia, so most of the research I did on disc types, etc were peer-reviewed journal articles that I got through the university library system. Out on the general internet, it seems pretty hard to find any decent information! 

    I'm super nervous about surgery too, but I'm in a similar place as you--did endless PT, tried oral meds, steroid injections, etc, to no avail. Of course I'm worried that surgery has a long recovery and could possibly cause other issues, but for myself, at this point I'm worried about permanent nerve damage. I haven't felt my fingertips in almost a year. My MRIs show that in addition to the spinal nerves getting pinched, my spinal cord is also being affected now too, and personally that's just not something I want to play around with. I've read too many posts about people that did whatever they could to avoid surgery and ended up with irreversible pain and nerve damage. No thanks! And, I'm so freaking tired of the constant pain in my arm. 
  • I think I have posted with you both before. I have the ProDisc-C in C5/6. I was 39 when I had the surgery in June 2015.  You can find info on mobi-c online,  they have their own website.  This website, Spine-Health also has info on all options of the ADR's, it's titled:Cervical Artficial Disc Replacement Technologies. I guess I am one of the perentages that nothing went right and I don't want that to scare you because it seems like ADR's are the way to go if the surgeon thinks you are a candidate. I am afraid I waited wayyyyyy too long for surger and that also could be why I am in such a mess.  I had the car accident in April of 2002!! Did Chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, injections, name it, I tried it. For the longest time I was able to "manage" but when I changed careers, went from teaching cosmetology to actually doing hair my body started paying the price.  But as I have stressed before, I believe it is in the surgeon you pick. If I could do over again, I would have went with a spine specialist!!!! Check them out before your surgery, make sure you are comfortable with their experience and reviews, ect.  There are many websites to find out their background. In the meantime, I know I am not adoctor but I would check out Gaba plus, it is a supplement and I think it could help with your nerve trouble. It has helped me out tremmendously!!! I'm still in pain and the numbness has come back to my fingers but I am still looking into getting a specialist to look at my test results... 
  • SongJinSSongJin Arizona Posts: 245
    Ah, Lisa! I hope you're starting to get some answers from your new test results. Waiting is SO difficult, especially when you've had the tests done already and just want some more information. Best of luck, and I'm rapidly becoming a fan of being persistent with medical offices. Keep calling until you can get to the bottom of things. I hope you're having some more relief soon. 
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  • Thanks so much SongJin! For some reason I did not see an update on this post.  I finally have a spine surgeon that looked at my tests and wants to see me.  I go in next Thursday!  I'm so anxious to hear what they have to say! !!! 
  • tgm1175ttgm1175 pennsylvaniaPosts: 8
    hi lisa,

    i had the mobi-c done on february 18th (last week), and so far only 6 days post op, i am feeling pretty good, and looking forward to getting healthy.  so far, i have zero regrets, but of course, only time will tell how i heal and what i will feel like in years to come.

    i had an acdf scheduled 2 years ago, and got cold feet and cancelled it.  then spent 2 years tolerating the pain and numbness.  like you, i was as fan of the concept of an adr versus fusion.  

    my surgeon made me feel more at ease with my decision by saying if for some reason at some point, something happened to the mobi c, you could remove it and do fusion, or another adr possibly.  i liked that it was not as permanent as fusion and gave additional treatment options down the road if they were necessary.

    i made a (very) lengthy post detailing my recovery, and how i felt in the days after surgery, if you're interested:
  • I saw this because I am going in tomorrow to get an artificial disc in my C3 C4 level. Can you please she if it helped you or not. Thanks.
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    I did not  get much response to this post.  I am surprised. I had the disc replacement surgery and I am five days out. I am not sleeping do to not getting my pillow to fit just right on my neck. I am readjusting it constantly because of pain.My neck hurts constantly. I have a bad sore throat. I know they said I would have a sore throat for a short time but it has gotten worse.when I start to fall asleep and I snore
     and then I cannot breath. All this is causing me to be so exhausted.

    Have any of you dealt with this? I need help here.
  • I'm sorry to hear your pain is continuing .
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