Cervical artificial disc replacement



  • Holy cow all of my post disappeared . Anyway , make sure to follow your dr restrictions . I had the Flexicore adr in 2006 and I couldn't extend backward for any reason for an entire year . When the inflammation goes down it will help with the pain but are you allowed to try different towel rolls or thinner towels or pillows in a case and towel roll under that ?do not try that if against your restrictions set by your dr but do try to ice and heat a lot 
  • Hisbeauty4ashes- i saw you post and am curious how you feel now over 1 yr later? I am 3 weeks post op and numbness is gone but im still on norcos cause the muscle pain and aching is too much.  How long did recovery take You? How do you feel now?

    I am a mother of 5 and 2 fur babies and 36 so i am hoping not being able to get complete rest doesn't ruin my recovery

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