Family bs

Was told today..
I need money for x x x...
Told them i need to pay my bill so i can have phone needed for work
Was told need to pay your bills"
Looked at them like they were stupid..

Well i need money to pay this n that
Then was told. need to get a full time job"

Uhmm..i do..and i have been working 20 or 30 hours a week over what the doctors said was safe.

All i am is somerthing to be used ans thrown aside when ime no longer convienient...
As an aside
I am behind because ime paying their bills...
Stupid people doing stupid things.
Sick of being the adult



  • Lol,I needed that!
    Its all good
    I told them they get all thats left after i take what i need...
    Working as hard as i can on photography,poetry etc to tey and make a go..
    Ime motivated to move forward ..but just not at any this is what put me here in the first place.

  • Based on seeing certain ones in my family try living together, it is my experience that it's impossible because no one can get along well enough to do so. This seems to be more true after people have grown up, moved out on their own for awhile. The saying, "You can't go home again" rings true with me. 

    But, I'm truly sorry that your family is stressing you so much. Stress does absolutely nothing to improve a chronic pain condition. 
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  • Taren, your right, i have seen the world out there, i got a better shake when I was on even terms..the 1% in me encouraged competition to succeed and was able to do so..
    Now, with the diminished capacity for using my body, that has been stymied..

    Ime good with letting go of of the grow out of it it settles in a new place.

    I dont act hurt
    I wont act hurt
    While it hurts..
    Friday, i scared my workmates coz of the pain sounds i make when getting up from sitting

    It happens
    It is what it is

    Right now..ime in transference mode
    Replacing pains slow cancerous growth with artistic distraction...
    Funny, my personality is responding by my one sure tool..

    Pushing. I am here because of pushing always and too hard..
    But. Now? I am pushing with less haste, more brain effort.
    It is my escape to go and take pictures
    Pushing my self to... exceed my self...

    It puts me in a better place than one where everyone has these ridiculous and unrealistic selfish desires for themselves.

    The only expectation i have is of being just a little smarter than yesterday.
    Thanks guys
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