What happens next if my revision surgery failed?



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    I was lucky enough to get in to see my new surgeon very quickly.  I had my one year check-up and found out about the non-fusion on April 19.  I researched, found the new guy and had an appointment with him on May 5.
    Mine wasn't an emergency, so we spent the summer going through lots of tests - a CT scan, an EMG, a CT Myelogram (ouch!) and then a couple of spinal injections. 
    My husband had to attend two back-to-back conferences in Vegas in August, so I went with him.  (hard job, but somebody has to do it!)  We've had a busy September, with several family birthdays and my husband writing a dissertation.  I chose to wait until after we celebrate our 40th anniversary on Oct. 23.
    I'm sure that I could have had the surgery much sooner, but our lives are very full, and I wanted to have some important things out of the way in order to feel more ready to begin another long recovery.
    I'm not too worried about scars - I'm too old to be vain - but I am worried about all of the sources of pain from three incisions.  I'm allergic to opioids, so pain management is difficult for me.
    LOL - I was still teaching at a big high school when I had a muscle biopsy on my upper arm.  It left quite a scar.  My students all encouraged me to scare the freshmen by telling them that I got it while breaking up a knife fight in the cafeteria.  The frightening thing is that such a thing would be quite plausible at that school!
  • Hi there, I had L5 S1 almost 2 years ago, and it did not fuse. my questions to you are:
    For your first surgery, what bone material was used? Bone from your hip? cadaver bone? was BMP used in either surgeries? 
    Second: what was done differently in the revision surgery?
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