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Knee pain

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else....

OK , I'm 49,  just had a microdiscectomy L5 -s1  on Dec 18th 2015.
I have had knee pain before surgery, I was told by my pain management doc, that it was related to the h disc . ok so had the surgery , all of the leg pain was gone. About two or three weeks ago the pain in my knee has gotten so bad it keeps me awake at night. When it first came back I was able to move it and the pain would go away. Lately it has been default to find comfort. ...please help !!!
Thank you 


  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 989

    Your nerves are healing...

    The knee pain is most likely your nerves trying to heal from being crushed for so long.  Nerve healing is a VERY slow process and can sometimes feel like two steps forward and three steps back. There is really no predicting it... The nerve healing may take several more months or may suddenly be better tomorrow.  In my case on my second fusion surgery I was in horrible nerve pain for 4 months and one day out of the blue I woke-up and it was like a miracle the nerve pain was suddenly gone.  Hang-in there... you're less than 2 months out from post-op and will likely see various ups and downs over the up-coming months. 

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  • GingerellaGingerella New JerseyPosts: 15
    Thank you hvills for reading my post and responding. It does make me feel better just hearing that it most likely is the nerve and hopefully will get better with time. 
    Looking forward to better days. Hope you feel better soon as well!! 

  • carlafcarlaf Labadie,MOPosts: 27
    I'm having knee pain, too. I'm just 7 days out of L4L5 microdiscectomy. It can be a little burn or a tingling. Kind of driving me a little crazy. Tonight even though I had a decent enough day without a ton of pain....all tingling...all over...right now! 

    I told my husband, I feel like I'm having this pulsing sensation -- like a neon sign going on and off. Or like those Minions going "bee-do" over and over.  I got him to hold my ankle and he said he could actually feel it. I'm calling my doc in the AM just to be sure that's it's in the range of normal....but it does feel really weird!!!

    Im trying to be a little silly about my weird stuff with my kids just to take the edge off. It's easier to maintain a sense of calmness when they get home from school, but I was pretty worked up today being home and all with just my husband.

     I call my log roll in bed the "Thor hammer" move. I found if I put my arm up, it gives a little leverage in the rolling from the side into the back when I first get into bed, and it reminds me of Thor's big club. My boys got a kick out of that. 

    Thanks for posting; I'm so early in all of this.... It just helps me to read that others have similar issues. 
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,496

    My problems have been with my neck and arms, but about 4 months after my first surgery all of my arm symptoms came rushing back in about 15 minutes.  I couldn't get in touch with my surgeon fast enough!  He guessed that it was inflammation and put me on an anti-inflammatory.  It took a couple of weeks but the symptoms did clear up.

    Moral of the story is discuss this with you surgeon.

    Carlaf, my kids are in high school, but also have worked hard to figure out ways to discuss it with them without freaking them out. Yours are very creative.  The pulses are probably muscle spasms, so yes discuss it with your doctors.  I think that spasms are very common, they sure have been for me.

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  • I'm a week out from L2-L3 fusion and one of my biggest problems is my left knee on the outside to the middle and down 4 " or so.. I know it's sciatica because I feel it in my butt and hamstring on that side but it settles behind my knee. I will be limping after being on my feet very long. I could not sleep at all when I layed down after work and finally had my Dr. Call me in some Lyrica. After being on it a week it started helping but now I have had to stop some meds before surgery including my anti-inflammatory it's all coming back. I knew this last week was going to be rough. You may also need some type of nerve medicine also until you recover fully. I had to do the same years back. Good luck and know your not alone. Those nerves do strange things and they are hard to describe to those that can't relate.
  • carlafcarlaf Labadie,MOPosts: 27
    Bruce, I love your phrase after your name! I'll Totally remember that... The "when to do which"

    Ive got a call into the doctor so I'll just tell them what I'm experiencing and see what they say... 

    Each day, I'm just trying to not let anxiety get to me about all the weird sensations. I'm trying to practice the present moment as they say! 

    Its it's getting a little easier each day to just roll with it and not freak! 

    But it sleep is hard. I'm waking up a lot even with the muscle relaxants. And when sleep is compromised, well, you just have a tougher time! 
    Thanks for the feedback!!!
  • GingerellaGingerella New JerseyPosts: 15
    Thank you everyone .. 

    Lol.. Carlaf, I totally get the "log roll" reference. That's how I get out of bed myself. 

    So I had my first PT last Thursday since surgery. I did very little. One thing I did , she propped my legs up on that wedge thing, I had to lift one leg at a time and bring my foot towards me for a count of three then point my foot and bring it down .  I did  held my leg up for a count of 5 , I did 15 each , took turns on my legs. When I was done , well even when I was doing them I was in such bad pain with my knee I was practically in tears ( I don't show people my pain) . My physical therapist had said this sounds like arthritis but could be the nerve healing.. Oh Lord I hope it's the nerve! While I had the electrodes on my back (lying on my belly) she put a heating pad on my knee. When I left I actually felt pretty good. I had very little knee pain during the night. I also have been doing my little exercises and heating pad at home everyday. Still having knee pain but tolerable. 

    Sending everyone WELL WISHES .. Hope everyone feels better !!

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