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Driving myself crazy.... Need advice!!!

First off this whole back issue came out of no where early this past summer and I am still in shock!  I am 49 and have always been extremely physically active/fit.  I am 4 weeks post op from having L4/L5 fusion.  Went to follow up appointment 2 week point and my doctor  said looks good but he was unable to put second set of screws in during surgery because of my anatomy so to be careful.  I am walking 5 miles a day and as hard as it is trying to be safe (not bending, twisting etc.). My concern this morning I dropped my cell phone behind my bed and not being fully awake tried to pull my bed out from the wall to reach it.  Please note I am completely off drugs so I was not high.  I am not in anymore pain than I normally am when first get up and moving in a.m..  Other than driving 4 hours to my doctors office for x-ray I am reaching out to you.  Has anyone else done something they should not have?  I need some support and advice...  I am freaking out!!!  Thank you.



  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 989

    Hey Frickson...

    If you actually did something to disturb your post surgery hardware you would most likely be suffering in massive pain.  You can also visit you local ER for x-rays just to be sure... or call your doctor and ask.  There's no need to keep yourself in the dark and worry about.

  • Yes, we all forget for a moment. Your back is stronger than before. My surgeon said it would need to
    be a significant fall or injury to dislodge what has been done. The BLT precautions is around giving your body time to heal but not about breaking a rod or screw. 
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  • Well no jokes or puns intended but my surgeon said i had a screw loose in my neck(ACDF levels 5/6-6/7) about two months maybe slightly longer in my neck but he said it wouldn't hurt anything. I wore a hard collar for a month and I was very careful. I think besides giving me all sorts of inaccurate information that the first surgeon who worked on me just sucked.My advice would be to call your doctor and set up an X-Ray. It's the only way to tell.
  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 644
    Frickson...It is a scary thing to worry about, and it sounds like you want peace of mind of knowing you're getting the X-ray, hope all is well. 

    Do do you use a grabber? I know getting something that slid or fell under a bed is difficult to get yourself. I have an adjustable mattress frame, but I still wouldn't have been able to retrieve my phone without my grabber. Would it help in the future to have someone pull your bed out further to make it safer if it happens again. 

    Be careful...
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