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Can somebody help me?

MissPiggyMMissPiggy Posts: 76
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
This is some of my history:
I've have enjoyed reading how everyone is there for each other. One can complain and you pay attention while everyone at home is bored with it.
Let me introduce myself. I have had lower back and L leg pain for about 4 years. I had surgery on L4-5 6/06 which ended up just a roto-ruter. I felt some relief for a couple of months, started back to work (cashier)about 6 mos later.The pain has come back full force. My symptoms are L Leg starting from entire L thigh moving down calf and then around the whole lower leg and gts weak with sporatic to constant giving out while walking but I have been able to catch myself and not go down.My lower back feels as if a football is in it. After standing 8hrs. I come home in such pain.
My meds are:
Name Dosage Times per day
Nueriton 600mg 3Xdaily
Tramadol 50mg 3Xdaily
Ambien CR 6.25mg 1X daily alt with Zanaflex
Wellbutrin 300mg 1Xdaily
Stresstabs 1Xdaily
Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc 1Xdaily
VitaminC 1Xdaily
Oxycodone 5/325 prn usually 2Xdaily
Zanaflex 1Xdaily alternate with AmbienCR
I tried Cymbalta and it made me too lethargic
MRI Findings 7/08: The alignment and position of the lumbar spine are normally maintained. The vertebral body heights and intervertebral disc spaces are uniform. Disc desiccation is noted at the L3-4 through L5-S1 levels. The tip of the conus is at the T12-L1 level. There are no narrow signal abnormalities seen.

L4-5: There us a broad-based central subligamentous disc protrusion. This causes mild effacement of the ventral aspect of the thecal sac, without evidence of spinal canal Stenosis. The exiting L-4 nerve roots and neural exit foramina appear unremarkable. Mils bilateral fact joint degenerative changes are identified.

L5-S1: There us a small central subligamentous disc protrusion. This causes slight effacement of the ventral aspect of the thecal sac, without evidence of spinal canal Stenosis. The exiting L5 nerve roots and neural foramina appear unremarkable. Mild bilateral facet joint degenerative changes are seen.
Otherwise the remainder of the imaged lumbar levels do not demonstrate any additional abnormality.
Otherwise the remainder of the imaged lumbar levels do not demonstrate any additional abnormality.
1.There is a broad-based disc protrusion at the L4-5 level and a small central subligamentous disc protrusion at the L5-S1.
2.Disc desiccation and posterior element degenerative changes are seen at the levels described.
3.There are no abnormal patterns of enhancement seen
So does anyone have any idea what's going on? Or anything similar?
Sorry this is so long. I promise not to be so lengthy next time.



  • Hello,

    I just had my second surgery 7 weeks ago. have you seen a neurosurgeon?
  • Misspiggy,
    have you gone to a Orthopedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon (make sure they specialize in spines)? Sometimes it is difficult to understand the MRI reports, the doctor will combine your report with the symptoms and possibly order additional tests. That is what happened with me. It may seem as if it takes forever and several tests to get a good answer about what is happening, but it is better to have the correct and complete information.
    Keep us up to date.
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  • not yet. I'm waiting to see my neurologist/PM to go over my MRI report. Last appt 2wks ago he said my next option for pain is the pump w/morphin. I need to work so I have my insurance as well as my husbands. This has been very pricey.
    I have a very good neuro-surgeon in San Diego but not sure ithat he will do anything for me yet. It is so difficult standing all day at work. I love my job but starting to resent it because I am in so muc pain
  • Read about you case and I had similar issues and surgery after 4 years. I tried every med and injection possible with no relief. My pain doc was also considering a pain pump but this is a serious and dangerous step. Not only possible negative side effects from the meds but possible failure of the device, which can be a killer. I would definitely discuss and seriously consider a Spinal Cord Stimulator first. I did and find it a huge improvement over the risks with a pain pump. I had it installed last December and am now off all opoid drugs and only take Zanaflex and Neurotin for the spasms and neuropathy. They offer a trial installation that you should consider. If your pain guy does not believe in this first alternative I would go elsewhere before I had a pain pump installed.

  • Have you had a discogram done? I'm assuming not, as you don't have the NS apt. yet? And it's not on your list.

    Although it is painful, it can really pinpoint the source of your pain. Then the NS or Ortho can review the MRI and other tests and see if they can help you.

    It was a lifechanging moment for me.
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  • ...get it fixed. See a NS or OS and have it surgicly fixed. If you are here and asking and have gone through every conservative treatment, it isn't going to get better. I waited 15 lousy years. Not a doc would listen to me because of the LACK of pain in my legs. Again, I am not trying to offend, but you have been through this and that and are on med after med and it's not helping so save yourself some more suffering and get a surgical consault. There are state aids that will help if money is a concern. Don't suffer like I did for 15 long years. I had 2 micros and am 6 weeks post op fusion and I HAVE NO PAIN!!!!!!

    Take care of you and keep us posted.

  • hopefully your neurologist will look at your mri and have a good plan for you.I'm with the others with the pain pump,that doesn't sound like a good idea to me.If it can be fixed surgically then go to a surgeon and here them out first. I was on the same meds. as you were before surgery and now am off half of daily pain is tolerable now and before surgery i was in so much pain that i would have done anything to make it stop. good luck to you.
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