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One..of Three

How are you today?

I can ask that, but will you answer honestly? Or will you show me your game face..all brave and strong and a willing participant.

Or will you tell me how it really is going.

We are like you
You, are like us
Only the variables are the difference.

There are three sides to us.

As you already found out, each one and in combination, can get out of balance and will drag the others askew.

Balance means work
Sometimes every hour as we face the task of living in pain, depression and uncertainty.

I wont tell you do A... and it will get all better

I will say life of Spiney is easyer once you get back to walking the tightrope you did before..
Only now,not effortlessly.

You lose sleep
You get irritable
You get depressed
You lose sleep
And you feel pain more keenly
So you lose more sleep staying up worrying
So you lose more sleep.

You lose sleep
Your body begins to slow you down
So you begin to feel the pain more
You begin to lose hope of ever healing as best you can
Your spirit darkens...

So you lose your center.

Your center changed when you became Spiney.

Its work
Its hard work to rebalance

Re center your self.

Is not the center
It is A center.

Depression is not the center
It is A center

The darkness gathering inside
Is not the center
Its A center.

You still are empowered to decide
If you need a sign.....?

You are empowered!
There is your sign.

You can do this work if you decide to dedicate
To appropriate and to asimilate this into your life.

Pain is not in charge not in charge
The darkness inside


Only you get to decide what runs you
Runs your life
Is free will
We are given it to decide our direction.

Get your tookas up and decide


I am strong
I am worthy
I am good
I am valuable
I am noble
I am priceless
I am .I am I am!!!!

I am not what pain makes me
I am not what depression makes me
I am not the darkness

Take this and know you are known to destiny.

Get up, and start your walk toward a tomorrow in the light of self determination
Get to your center
Take it.

Be Blessed Spiney!
William Garza
Spine-Health Mod

Welcome to Spine-Health



  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 645
    Awesome, thanks William: )
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,989
    Once again William, you know how to reach people and say things as they really are...  
    But I love your opening line:  How are you today?

    Not as good as yesterday, might be better tomorrow.   But today I am a normal spiney
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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