Butt and leg pain 3 weeks after L3/4/5 laminectomy

I had an L3/4/5 laminectomy done on January 27th, and the first two weeks after surgery were a breeze.

This past week, however, has been a different story.  I have incredible nerve pain - left side isn't as bad, and is only affecting my left foot, but my right side pain is extremely frustrating.  The butt pain is burning, and the leg pain is a terrible ache that just won't let up.

I know that the surgery is very invasive and I was bound to have more discomfort, especially when trying to do longer walks (as ordered by the doc) in the day.  I did not, however, expect to have this almost debilitating pain that doesn't give up through the whole day.

I have read the articles posted on here about recovering from surgery, but would love to hear from those of you who may have had surgery around the same time as me.  I know I am only in week three of a six month to one year recovery.....I'm just looking for reassurance that I'm not alone in my misery!  ;)


  • chop my leg offcchop my leg off British ColumbiaPosts: 56
    I asked my Dr if my pain creeping back was nerve recovery and he said no.  I go for another mri this wed as my back seems to be worse again too.  It never got to the point of no pain but it's getting now that I can't stand up straight if I bend over and the pain in my foot is going crazy. Different pain all the time.  Burning and sharp pains and feels like a band around my toes tightening up really bad and now like I have huge marbles I'm walking on. And pain still in both legs but not as bad as before.... and better not go back 0_0
  • Thanks, Ron.  I saw one of my physiotherapists last week, and he very kindly worked on releasing my incision a bit; he said it was very 'bound'.  When he was done, everything felt SO much better.  From there, I took a couple of days to just rest, and felt much better by Sunday - I even managed to attend a Slopes for Hope cancer fundraiser to take pics. 

    chop...when did you have your last surgery?  I am so sorry to hear you're where you are at right now, and I hope these latest symptoms are just a little blip.  Have you seen a physiotherapist at all?  I wonder if they can help you at all; I am lucky enough to have two of them who are amazing.

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  • chop my leg offcchop my leg off British ColumbiaPosts: 56
    Went for my mri with contrast.  Still have one bulging disc but he said it's not touching the nerve.  He said the culprit is scar tissue from the 2 surgeries and they can't fix that. It has totally wrapped itself around the nerve. Start PT next week to strengthen my back.  He said I will probably not get the feeling back in my leg or foot and probably not ever stand on my toes either (right foot).  Said the scar tissue might dissapate enough to relieve some of my pain but he said there wasn't much more they could do for me.  If the pain doesn't go away in my foot they are going to have to do something else.  They can't just leave me like this.   Time will tell I guess.  Does anyone know if they can permanently freeze a nerve? Or something like that?  The last few days I feel like I'm walking on huge marbles and last night I couldn't even walk on my foot.  Today I could.  See what tomorrow brings. I'm thankful they are not doing a fusion ...I seen the video... but scared now about being stuck with a nerve that absolutely hates me.  
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