32 male. I'm worried I may have fibromyalgia.

Where do I begin? I'm a 32 year old male. I started suffering from bad anxiety in 2007. I had to go on ativan and also tried a few antidepressants here and there, but ativan was my main medication for when the anxiety hit.

In 2012 I noticed my anxiety was getting worse, and found out that the ativan was putting me into tolerance withdrawals. It was horrible. I went through a 2 month detox and have been off of ativan for 4 years now. AMEN!

I did take Remeron up until 2 years ago. But no longer take medications at all. It seems my anxiety is SO MUCH easier to deal with without medication. Yes, I will always have anxiety, but I can literally go MONTHS without an anxiety episode. AMEN.

Now that you know my history, I can get into my new hypochondria/OCD scare.... having fibromyalgia.

About 1.5 years ago, I was doing A LOT of running. I was running about 3-4 miles a day, 5 days a week. 

One evening, I noticed when having intercourse with my wife, I had pain in my penis. Only when I had an erection. It was very strange.

This went on for about 3 weeks before I decided to go see my Dr.. I was not having anxiety, but I was a bit concerned. My Dr. said I probably just strained it and it was no big deal. He said to give it more time.

That VERY evening I got home from the Doctor, I noticed when I urinated, I would dribble a lot in my boxer shorts. WAY more than usual.  I was very confused. Then the next day I felt like I had to URINATE EVERY COUPLE OF MINUTES, and I felt like my anus muscle was in a spasm. This was really starting to scare me.

I went back to my Dr. because I was in SO much pain. It felt like my bladder was COMPLETELY full all the time, even when I had no urine in my bladder.

My Dr. tested me for a UTI, and it was negative. He then said I COULD have a bladder infection, so he gave me a 2 week antibiotic. This did not work!!

I called him after my antibiotic was out, I was crying in desperation for an answer. I was COMPLETELY anxious at this time. I had been GOOGLING nonstop, scared of everything.

My Dr. had me come back into his office. He asked me if I happened to have any lower back pain. I said "YES! It just started during the bladder pain! I feel like I have to keep stretching my lower back!"

My Dr. then said "I think you have a pinched or irritated nerve in your lower lumbar, which is sending false signals to your bladder and even penis. I started crying, and asked ehat I should do. He told me to stretch and see a massage therapist.

Luckily, my brother just graduated massage therapy school. He worked on me and sure enough my bladder pain SLOWLY left. But I was still left with low back pain. I finally learned to just live with it. Some days it was less noticeable, some days horrible.

Last year I took my family on a vacation to Florida. My back was hurting bad when driving. When we got back from vacation, I weedeated the yard. The next day my back got worse and worse. I then could not walk down stairs without my legs TREMBLING like crazy!!! I was SUPER SCARED AGAIN! I immediately called my Doctor and he said "that is understandable with a pinched nerve. Get another massage and stretch it. Also do some warm water therapy."

I finally went to a chiropractor and this was the FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME THAT I GOT COMPLETE RELIEF IN 10 months!!! I felt FREE!!!

I literally had no back pain, no erection pain or anything for a couple of months, until my lower back pain started to come back again. I kept doing my routine by visiting my chiropractor/sports doctor. Again, pain free for a month or 2.

The cycle continued, then one day I started getting pain in my shoulder blades, and my upper and middle back muscles felt SO SORE. I did not understand. I could barely keep good posture b/c it tensed the muscles even more. They just felt strained. I also had KNOTS in my shoulder blades. My brother did deep tissue on them, and it helped some, but not much.

Between my brother and my chiropractor, I got relief once again for a couple of months, only for this to all return again...

Right now I've got lower back pain again, my butt muscles feel strained/tired when sitting or laying, I'm getting random pain in my knees, then WHAMO they are gone. I've got sore shoulder blades and even shoulders. My neck sometimes get's tense, and I keep feeling like I have to crack it. My upper back feels feels achy sometimes as well, I even am getting random pain in my groin area, near my pubic bone. I had pins and needles sensation in my left knee for 3 days, now it's gone. And today my lower back pain is completely gone.

This has been driving me so insane, to the point where I think I have fibromyalgia!!!! My aunt has fibro, but she does not think I have it. My Dr. thinks that it's all just muscle pain, and that's it. No diagnosis or anything. He says my anxiety makes it worse b/c I keep googling for answers.

I do get fatigue A LOT, but I've ALWAYS had that naturally with my anxiety disorder, so it's nothing new.

WHAT do you think could be wrong with me? Should I get the fear of fibro out of my head? My chriopractor tried to help ease my anxiety by doing the tender point test. I don't know for sure if he's qualified to do it, but he has a chart in his room, and he did 11 of my 18 tender points, and just stopped at 11 b/c I felt no pain.

Just need good vibes. Thanks! I'm at the point where my Dr. just thinks I'm a whino with anxiety (which is kind of true) and he knows I wont' take meds, but I would STILL love an answer. He won't do an MRI yet and has only done an XRAY on my lower back, only to find out I was born with an extra vertebrae (which is not as uncommon as you think).

Thanks for reading this LONG thread. I just need help getting over the anxiety. I havent slept in 1 week it seems.


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    Moderator, you are amazing. Thank you SO much for reading all of this. You are totally correct that I'm obsessing and having underlying anxiety about the "unknown". And anxiety can create extra pain and exaggerate other pains making it all worse.

    Yes, my Dr. has known me for 8+ years, he knows how my brain works. That is probably why he won't give me an MRI. Actually, he did say he WOULD now if I really wanted one. But I asked him if he thinks I needed one and his answer is "No, I do not believe you need one. Half the time, most stuff won't even show up. But I think you should have one to ease your anxiety. But with insurance, it will still probably be around $1000." 

    I kindly said "no thank you" for now. I did however find a place in town that only does MRI's. They do accept insurance, and if they don't accept your insurance it's only $500. I may do that to get some peace of mind.

    I do know that nobody is allowed to give any medical advice on here :) But I just needed to vent and see if anyone can relate.

    I feel that 32 is too young to have these symptoms. But then again, I thought 24 was too young to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. ha!

    I'm a filmmaker for a living, and editing is a huge part of my job. I'm currently getting a new office chair and adjusting my keyboard to go into a tray. Hopefully this helps with the trigger points developing in my shoulder blades.

    Thanks for calming my nerves. :)

  • My wife is just sick and tired of me talking about all my "mystery" pain symptoms. She said she'd "GLADLY" spend $1000 to get me to shut up. haha.

    All kidding aside, it would be nice to at least have a "diagnosis" of something. That's the only thing that bugs me about my Dr., is that once you get diagnosed with an anxiety disorder... EVERYTHING seems to be written off as anxiety. I just feel like this is more physical vs. mental. I don't have to be anxious to have these pains. But I also know that anxiety can manifest itself in MANY ways, even when we are not anxious.

    Regardless... I just need to get to the bottom of it, and I hope my Dr starts taking me a little more seriously. :) Thanks again for reading.
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    hello cnote! and welcome!
    please click on link for helpful information!
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    Hi Cnote,
    if your not happy with your current dr, you could always ask for a second opinion. I totally agree Dr's are to quick to label all anxiety. Chronic pain affects the whole family, I hope you find some answers to your mystery pain problems. 
    Take care
  • I have almost exact same symptoms which were caused by herpes simplex . The virus lives in the nerves in the lower spine . i never once had any outbreaks or sores on my penis but did have some irritation and pain from time to time . Stress and anxiety causes viral infections like this to spread. I would recommend getting tested 

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