Need suggestions on small things before and after Micro Diskectomy

i posted earlier asking for suggestions for decision on the surgery. below is the link.

thanks to the comments and suggestions from this forum, i visited two neurosurgeon and one orthopedist, and consulted another patient of one neurosurgeon. eventually i chosen a neurosurgeon. it will be a micro diskectomy on my l5-s1 protrusion disc on the right and center. the surgery is scheduled two weeks later in march and will be an out patient one.

after discussing with the doctor and his nurse, i still have some small things not quite clear. please help me with them.

it is an out patient surgery and my wife will drive me home in a car, and the nurse said i can lay back in the seat. when i put more thoughts into it, i wonder if i should use a pillow at my back as support, as the car seat usually not quite flat when lay back; but i am not sure if the pillow will press the incision site.
and should i wear my waist band/support when ride home?

the surgery booklet the nurse gave me says i cannot bend or twist my waist ever for two weeks, but when i get in or out of the bed the back will be bent or twist a bit even i am very careful; even if i get up on my side like the booklet says. i wonder if this will cause any issue, or i am over sensitive.

do i must start walking on day 2 of the surgery? or i can lie in bed for several days or a week? if it only will make the recovery a bit longer.

thank you all.



  • Good luck with your surgery. I was advised 45 degree on car seat for journey. any lower may put more strain on your lower back on journey and getting back out of the car.  My physio told me to go home, walk upstairs (on 3 levels) then stay there for 2 days but to get up regularly using the log roll method, which they taught but i used already. To walk around on journeys to the bathroom  and around that level of my house and do my three exercises as shown when laying down.  

    Told to then use the stairs only once a day and not to sit at all, just perch long enough to eat meals.  He told me to keep walking around the house until day 5, at which time I could walk to the first lamp post and back and then increase as my back allowed.

    I was also instructed not to lift anything.  I bought a grabber to assist if I dropped anything , which was also very helpful when trying to put lower garments on :)

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions.  There is lots of information on this site about preparing for surgery and things that may be useful


  • i had microdiscectomy 3 weeks ago, but i stayed in hospital for 4 days.
    when i went home with car, i use back support like corset. stepped in to the car was not a problem, i was laying down while in car. 

    day 1 surgery i have to lie down all day then day 2 started to sit after that day 3 post op i started to walk. day 5 i walked a lot, going upstairs and downstairs is not a problem. just laying down on bed will slowing your healing progress.

    sorry bad english lol.
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