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In 2013, I was rushed from my orthopedic surgeon to a neurologist. He said I had a "huge" herniated disc. The neurosurgeon then proceeded to scare me more by telling me that without immediate surgery I would lose bowel and bladder control. I was naive and scared so I agreed. I had the discectomy of L5 S1 in November of that year. I wish I had known then that I would be in 10x more pain now then I was then. I have finally found a doctor that respects my need to stay away from narcotic meds and is trying everything to manage my pain. Sadly, my most recent MRI shows moderate to severe bilateral foraminal stenosis and a disc osteophyte complex. Has anyone had additional surgeries based on these types of findings? I have researched fusions and laser options but I am so confused by it all. I want to go into this next step way more informed then I was before. Thanks!


  • What does your doctor think is the main issue from your MRI findings. My last MRI showed severe stenosis also as part of the issues and my doc said it was worse once they got in there during my fusion. He said that was causing my sciatica issue which seems to be resolved after surgery. Yes, do your homework before making your decision. My experience has proven that a fusion is not a bad thing. Good luck.
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    Doctor is very concerned with the osteophyte complex combined with the stenosis. I have my next appt tomorrow to discuss options. I am definitely hoping to avoid surgery and will get more than one opinion before moving in that direction. Thanks for your response and I am glad you are feeling better!
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    hello val49! and welcome!
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