ACDF Surgery and Recouperation

Hi there everyone wit neck pain and issues. I want to present the best optimistic P-O-V possible.
Im not new to spine injury. Im not new to surgery...but Im older, and not as active as I used to be.
Im pushing 60.
In 1983 I was badly urt in a Hurricane. Nailing 4 by 8 ply over plate windows in brunt of storm I became a kite and landed off the
raised lanai 9porch) onto the third level below of brick patio. It was already covered with brush and cushioned the fall...still near fatal.
SO make a long story short. I had so much to deal with at first. Full body cast, halo, burr holes, transfer then to spinal injury specialty hospital.
In 1983 there was ONE MRI in the whole state and getting approval was hard. I had CT scans Xrays, and one thing at a time...I wanted as little metal in me as possible.

As years went by everything healed. some things didnt heal right, and as medicine gets better procedures are available to help that werent available
at that time.
I've had lower lumbar work, elbow, shoulder, and now the neck.
I've held off hoping for a surgery tat wouldnt require moving the esophagus etc but I see thats likely not going to happen.
This iste good news.
Each Lumbar surgery was better than not having them, and left me better off.
Im hoping to share tat te cervical will be the same.
I hope I can share the easiest healing from ACDF and how to get through it with minimal pain maximum results.

So stay tuned...I'll be posting after about March 5th or 6th is my guess
Im hoping to gain use and feeling of the right hand again  better than I am now
Im hoping the voice will heal and be more consistent.
Im hoping for any reduction in head aces cycles and any reduction in neck, shoulder and arm pains.
I know as the 1 in 1000 life long intractable pain patients that it wont take away all of my pain but Im hoping for some improvement.
Im also hoping the bulges above the worst of the areas will tolerate the hardware.

See you soon....



  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 239
    Best of luck to you 
  • DeBuckeyeDDeBuckeye Powell OhioPosts: 1
    Hope you feel better
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  • HualaniHualani Big Ilsland HawaiiPosts: 56
    edited 03/02/2016 - 8:17 AM
    Almost there, feeling more optimistic than anxious.
    I spent most of the morning in the Pre-Anaesthesia interview. Pre Admission had to be really clear on my history,
    the medicines I take, the major allergies i've had, since I had anaphylaxis from Naprosyn followed by all allergy testing
    that discovered an unknown allergy to penicillin drugs.
    I had some instructions from my pain doctor who is an anesthesiologist so knows the ropes.
    Hope to fly through this, wit new outlook.
    From Hawaii, I've known Dr [edit] and his diet ideas for ever, but not subscribed for decades.
    Truth is every time I tried to become Vegetarian I ad wicked cravings for TeriBurgers!
    However I think now being older and having more health issues it could be time for a make over post surgery.
    i couldnt sleep last night so ended up watching "Vegucated" and "plantpure nation" on netflix.
    I have wonderful respect for [edit] and the research they've done.
    this is my personal new goal then while I wait to get back into light weight exercise post surgery.
    see you all soon.  
  • Liz53Liz53 MissouriPosts: 55
    what is your surgery date? I will be thinking about you and waiting to hear how you are doing 
  • Thanks for sharing your history and forthcoming surgery Hualani and your sign off that made me laugh.  I try to laugh as much as possible but not always able so please laugh at me as much as you like  :D

    I am a lumbar spiney so far but just to add insult my C5/6 has decided to join in. C4/5 not so hot either!

    all the very best of luck with your surgery and I am sure you will make a perfect recovery .. positive thought brings positive action

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  • Hope everything goes well for you. I'm 3 days out from an c5-6 ACDF. My surgeon has left a lot to be desired so my pain isn't being managed as I would have hoped. Hoping you are having more luck
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