Husband cervical fusion decompression c2 through c6

My husband fell a few months ago and bruised his spinal cord.  The dr is looking to do fusion and decompression for c2 through c6 at the very least.  He has weakness in arms and legs, balance issues and is using a walker.  The neurologist told us yesterday that even with the surgery, he most likely will not improve.  It is just to stop the progression.  He has myelopathy.  Anyone ever experience something like this?


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    dstevensbob  welcome to the club and please look for some others experience and optimism here!
    for my 2cents, i never got along well with my neurologists right after my accident. when i transferred to a spinal cord and head trauma specialty hospital following the initial ortho healing and burr holes etc..i found one of my doctors from the initial hospital was now working there! surprise surprise surprise (gomer pyle).
    i told him i was so happy to out from under my prior neurologists care to which he said his experience was they did not
    have good bedside manners particularly with intelligent women!? huh? so i took it for what it was worth- a laugh, a smile and a brand new day with encouraging and supportive care providers around me.
    im guessing the surgeon wouldnt be operating unless they expect good results.
    typically neuro surgeons too will speak conservatively, but please be encouraged to ask about your concerns.
    each patient is different.
    wising your hubby all the best for much improvement and a smooth recovery from surgery.
    please keep us informed and up to date with what you are learning.
    my other 2 cents: each surgery is weighing the pros and cons. ive been through quite a bit and
    i personally dont think any one "wants" surgery (yuck!) but im gambling on use of right arm/hand/fingers
    maybe decrease of other problems (headaches, neckpain, if it helps some im a happy camper)...if i have sore throat
    continue temporary voice problems...i'll take it.
    cheers, please try to keep your hubby's humor up too.
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