not sleeping
Get grumpy

Still losing sleep

Lost sleep

Back pain worse
Neck pain worse
Low back hurts worse

Back hurts
Back hurts more
Back wont stop

Lost sleep


Have a better day Spiney
Some are better than others!


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
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    Hi William!
    That sleep deprivation is crazy making. For me everything will be thinking, easily irritated with others...the pain increases...all systems acting up at same time.
    Just as you said!

    Before my psychiatrist and pain management worked to get it under control, I would need to got to ER for the pain, nausea, vomiting, increased anxiety by this time. I needed to,  rebooted. Something to stop the cycle.

    Even now with more control, I will have about two nights every week where I am awake all day and night.
    Kind of ruins the following days...dealing with the aftermath. Worse than any hangover I ever experienced in my adding chronic pain and what accompanies all that. But I'm grateful,,..haven't been to ER in years.

    ( I had to learn the hard way, started drinking at 13 and quit at 22. Thank goodness no desire ever since!)
    Gosh, 40 years ago! ....and even presently being memory impaired, I still remember the horrible sickness from the 
    consequences of my youth.
    But I digress!

  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    I think you're very right!
    Many of examples you've written above,.... my body has taken quite a few hits!

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  • Its the vicious cycle
    Pain is a precursor here
    But not the main symptom.

    Pain will cause these things
    Which will lead to other orders of suffering.


    All affected by no rest..not being able to/or get

    Docs need to adress the implications besides the main agonist.

    Chronic fatigue

    All attributable to not resting,not letting the affected areas rest.

    Meds go a little ways
    Rest goes further,

    I wonder sometimes if in hypothetical reasoning only...
    A induced coma will let the entire system reset..reboot?

    No cognizant memory of pain for a while would be great..
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    I enjoy reading how you guys are explaining the need for sleep.
    I think many of us grow up knowing it is important, but not really learning the extent of that importance.
    ...speaking for myself anyway.    :)

    Last night, I was flipping through the blogs here on site. Instead of my tapping onto, tapped for list to go to last page.
    It was a happy accident.

    There was a blog,...... How to Power Nap At Work. It was an  interesting read in itself.
    Then what caught my eye was end of article, it listed few other related articles to click onto and read.

    The one I read, .......Scientists are Finding Out What Losing Sleep Does To A Body.
    Very good read!
    It supports you guys!

    That made it click better in my mind about my PM doctor lists of what he does, sleep studies are included.

    And even though I know  how I experienced sleepless days and nights, until this discussion, I really didn't think to concern myself with my over all well being...other systems and such.

    Thanks for the discussion and comments! Very beneficial to me.

  • For me power naps didnt work at work..
    90 plus hour weeks average..working, thats not time spent outside of work, left me in permanent sleep deficit.
    The power naps,only seemed to work for those who were only slightly sleep deprived,,the 40 hr week people.

    Thats where i learned how to deal effectively with chronic sleep deprivation.

    The mental game
    The emotional toll ( anger, frustration, )
    The physical toll

    I was mentored by some Veterans on the side effects of this.
    What to watch for and how to recognize the modalitys.

    Most of the time now, i can catch up..
    But the physical toll goes on.
    Chronic Fatigue is killer
    A slow, deliberate and silent creeping many dont see.

    As Spineys, we are familiar with the products of fatigue..stress..

    The body breaks down
    The mind wants to follow.

    There is much more to it than this simplistic view.

    The cumulative stress affects the perception of pain
    It affects /colors the persons view of things
    Shortens our lives and takes years off our mental acuity.

    There is now my mind is tired
    Be Blessed!!!
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