Can someone please give some feedback on Nucynta

Hello!!  I recently had my monthly visit to PM and learned about a newer med called Nucynta.  I have been on Vicodin 7.5/325 #5 per day. I also take Oxy 10mg 2x/day.         Due to the fact that Nucynta does not have acetaminophen added to it, I think it will be an good alternative so I can combine ibuprofen (works better for me than Tylenol).  I was getting Vicofen a while back but insurance won't cover it anymore. I tried HysinglaER and was not getting adequate pain relief.   For those who are on Nucynta or have switched over to Nucynta, do you find it relieves your pain?  And have you had any adverse reactions?
Thanks for any input you can share with me.



  • Anyone????????

  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
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  • Donna155DDonna155 ConnecticutPosts: 1
    Hi Lee,
    We are on very similar meds for pain except I also take Lyrica for neuropathy. I tried NUCYNTA this week for two days and it did not cover my pain very well and it made me feel kind of other worldly so I stopped it. Much the same issues I had with morphine. My doc said I could just add it to what I was taking and then just lower the Norco.  I know I should have tried it for longer but, I just couldn't function well at all to do anything, cook, shower...forget driving. I am medically retired so longer have to deal with a full time job. Maybe when  I dont have so many things on my plate I can try it again. I just don't like feeling so trippy. 

    I have been utilizing a pain mgmt doc for  12 years now and he has been great. I have tried so many drugs but always seems to come back to Norco (10mg hyrdrocodone, 325 mg Tylenol ). I take 1-1.5  tablets every 4-6 hrs. I have 5 mg oxycodone to add ad needed. I also take Soma, an older muscle relaxer. As needed I take Mobic, anti inflammatory. 
    I have headache and migraine meds as well and use Lidocaine patches for my low back. 

    Norco has not been covering my pain issues as well because I recently started  daily anti-hormone meds for breast cancer and my pain has gotten worse. I am also looking for new pain meds to try but have a rather complex pain history.  I have done all the extended release like Fentanyl patches and OxyContin and Opana. Have done most short acting meds too. Norco( simply higher dose Vicodin) historically worked the best for me and I like short acting meds because I can control them better. I have never felt high or spacey from it. 

    Please let  me know your NUCYNTA experience if you try it. I really should give it a longer shot. My doc did warn  me to try it at a time when I could afford not to drive or have much to do. 
    My best, Donna 

    p.s. Have you tried Elavil for pain? 
  • SooveritSooverit Finger Lakes region of NYPosts: 397

    I was recently switched from norco 5/325 5-6x daily (for a year) to nucynta ER and IR. I had a horrible reaction to it. Sweating profusely, feeling extremely anxious, feeling super "high," kept catching myself holding my breath, couldn't sleep or eat. I stuck it out for five days (I really wanted it to work, and had read that some folks get the side effects, but they wear off after a week or so), and tried to make adjustments to help reduce side effects (cutting IR in half and spacing them out an hour or two, etc.).

    I finally returned them to the pain clinic to be disposed of (literally  $50 down the toilet!). I just could not bear the side effects anymore, and worried my pain would drive me to continue them.

    At times, they eliminated all pain! That was the IR, though. I did not feel a reduction in pain from the ER. For me, the med would take an hour or more to take effect (as opposed to 20 minutes for norco). It would wear off very abruptly and the pain seemed to surge back all at once (lasting for only a couple hours instead of six). One benefit is that it did not completely wear off after I had a meal, like norco did.

    It is not a true opiod. It is a synthetic from the same makers of tramadol. Like tramadol, also has an antidepressant component. It is considered "tramadol on steroids." My doctor did not tell me this (said it was "an opiate just like norco, but in ER"), and I think I might have experienced withdrawal I was not prepared for, too.

    I did a lot of research. User reviews indicate half of users have awful side effects like I did, and the other half consider it a wonder drug for their pain- being even more effective than classic opiods. There is a risk of serotonin syndrome, especially if combined with another antidepressant. 

    Ok, lol! I think that's it. Hope it was helpful.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
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    hello donna155!
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  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259
    I was on nucynta for about 3 years. It worked effectively for a couple of years but, like most pain meds, it required periodic increases in strength as I became use to the drug. Then my PM weaned me off nucynta because of its reduced effectiveness.
  • LeeLeeMccDeeLLeeLeeMccDee Boston MAPosts: 66
    edited 06/02/2016 - 10:24 PM
    Thanks for your input Jerome, Sooverit and Donna.   Nucynta never gave me the relief I needed to do my everyday activities   So I resumed my gold standard of oxy and Vicodin    Hoping for some miracle drug with no side effects in the future  
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