7 weeks disectomy post op l5/s1 symptoms

Hey everyone! I'm new here, although I've been reading the posts since I herniated my disc about 9 weeks ago. It was a freak accident, I just woke up one morning with horrible pain down my left leg. We went to the emergency room where they gave us pain medication.The pain went away the next morning, but then all I had was complete numbness down the s1 dermatome. (back of left leg to 4 and 5th toes) It wasn't getting better with physical therapy and I eventually lost my ankle reflex and calf muscle strength in my left foot.  I had to push my way into getting an MRI and seeing a neurosurgeon, but we finally did and he recommended immediate surgery to relieve the nerve. 
I had a disectomy/laminectomy on L5/S1 (first surgery ever, I'm only 24) and woke up with no pain at all, but my leg was still numb which I expected.
The first 3-4 weeks went great up until week 4 when I started getting an "odd" feeling in my right leg. This eventually turned to burning and now tingling in parts of my right foot and outside calf and sometimes right buttock. 
I addressed my concerns to my neurosurgeon around week 5 and got a MRI w/wo contrast last Friday. I got the results today, which were read by a D.O., (the first one was read by an MD) and basically said there was nothing there that would correlate to my symptoms on my right leg. It did say that there was some disc material centrally, but he didn't make a big deal about it. 
I'm really upset about this. I was extremely active before all this happened, I"m getting married in June, and going to Hawaii for a adventurous honeymoon. I just wanted the MRI to show something I could fix. I'm also concerned that it was a D.O. who read this MRI. I have nothing against them, I just think if they are doing a comparision, it should be read by at least the same type of doctor. 
Has anyone else had something similar happen to them? What did you do? Also who has had this surgery and has recovered completely? 


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    hello amwise23! and welcome!
    please click on link for helpful information!
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    Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll be thinking of/ praying for you! I am six weeks post surgery for L4L5 microdiscectomy. I have weird pains on both sides even though my surgery was on the right. 

    My doctor did order a second MRI and said it was clear; I called in to the after hours line one weekend and his partner read/looked at my MRI in real time with me on the phone (prior to my followup with my ns) and said it looked great. 

    I have some little stings in the back; pins and needles in both legs and some random weird pains on sides of thighs. 

    Many doctor takes my concerns seriously but believes that it will settle down. 

    I'm definitely frustrated but try to see the bigger picture in that 6 weeks in the grand scheme is not much.

    I found a girl's blog online about her microdiscectomy recovery; same level as you.  She blogged every couple of weeks (around 2009) and even has done it once a year in the past three years. It's been about 7 years... Google My Microdiscectomy Recovery by a tiki and you can read her journey. She records the up and down and definitely gives reassurance that life moves on. It might give you some insight and perspective into your recovery. 

    Don't get me wrong, I plan to still call my ns in two weeks if things aren't doing better. We agreed that I would (apart from some really crazy like pain). But I'm trying to be patient and offer it up as I'm Catholic and we believe our real trials are a source of strength and grace. It's definitely the biggest challenge ive faced in my health.  

    I feel for you though; I was 28 when I got married and went to Maui. Bless you!!! 
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