Pain & numbness back after done with steroids!

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I just cannot win! I felt like a normal human for the first time in years from last Friday through Monday while on the mega doses of Medrol and as the dose decreased, numbness and pain creeped back in and today on Wed, it's all almost back to presteroid levels!! I could just cry! I do not understand why that nerve is inflamed or whatever. The mri they did on Friday came back normal thank god so redoing the surgery isn't necessary and pt made this all get worse and was discontinued so what the heck? Dr was going to let me go back to work next Monday because I had so dramatically improved but I'm not going back like this! I am so discouraged and confused! Shoulder,  neck hurting like presurgery and pointing finger dead numb and hand all tingling and foot tingling and big toe numb. Kind of weird that the pointer on hand and pointer on foot  (big toe) are both profoundly numb.

Anyone got any ideas or experiences here?


  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 239
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    About three months after my first surgery, my pre-surgery symptoms came rushing back in 15 minutes - very scary.  Surgeon thought it was swelling and prescribed an anti-inflammatory.  It took almost a month for the symptoms to go away again.

    I haven't had that kind of return after my second surgery (Oct 2015). I do have some very minor symptoms that come and go - mostly go.

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  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 239
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    Mine has never left which is why they did the steroids and I got relief for the first 3-4 days into it while the dosage was so high but as it went down, it started coming right back. Dr prescribed neurontin now which I don't want bc of side effects. I want them to figure out what is wrong not put a band aid on it. I'm going back to work Monday feeling exactly like I did when I went out before surgery and it sucks. Going to be hard to make people understand that I've had surgery and been out for 11 wks and gee I feel horrible still. I want to scream to Dr that the steroids worked for some reason so capitalize on that factor and i want to feel like that, not this way. It is not fair to have that knowledge that I felt normal for 3 days and had it snatched back away. 
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