Rapid Full body osteoarthrits progression

Ive just recently just months ago had little symptoms mainly in my neck and shoulders but now its every where. And im only 20 so i guess its prob an adolescent problem but it's definitely making things degenerate quick.

Im having my first nights of poor sleep and just yesterday began to throw up uncontrollably, accepting my life has changed and  scared out of my mind i just want comfort and my mom is still with me saying im going to get better, but i cant bear for her to see me like this. 

One moment i act like everything is fine but then i fall on the floor 
I just need advice on what to do to make her happy, my family happy if i cant have my health i atleast want that. Thank you all soo much.


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    Hi .....
    I know it can be so emotional and painful as you feel your body is betraying you.
    I think I can hear how overwhelmed you are feeling...if I'm understanding correctly.

    You stated your symptoms are spreading and "definitely making things degenerate quick."
    Is that how you are physically feeling?..and or did your doctor tell you your full body osteoarthritis is rapidly progressing?
    Does he know of your fear? Of your vomiting?

    Are you working with a psychiatrist, or other therapy, re about your fear?  and your vomiting from it?
    It doesn't need to be a forever thing, but during transitions in our life, like painful conditions, we can benefit from psychological help.
    It's not uncommon to have fear of unknown future, or while dealing with painful present.

    I referred myself to psychiatrist and did some talk therapy, also. Best thing I did for me!
    I learned so much about my choices and my perspectives. Also, learned tools that I use to this day to remind myself that I am much more than just my pain.

    I continue with anti depressants and anti anxiety meds as I feel stable and don't want to rock the boat. :)
    Knowing that my anxiety can increase so much of my physical symptoms, you said, not sleeping well and actually vomiting.
    Better  ways of thinking that were offered to me and that I learned ..I am so grateful for.
    Despite my painful and other situations of life, my mind has never felt so hopeful and engaged as I am now.

    As I started to improve, my mind, my thinking and emotions, in general improved attitude, good friends and family started to follow my lead.

    You said you want your mom and family to be happy. 
    I find it can sometimes be contagious. Does your mom..your they make you happy?
    If yes, then you let them feel happy and or loved and or safe.
    That often times, will be reflected back to you in a way you can experience, their happiness with you, their love for you!
    If your answer is no, that is something to discuss in therapy, so you can become more content.

    But any relationship with strong foundation is a comfort.

    But we all have to decide on the feeling of happy, and love...for ourselves, within ourselves.
    But if my son was to share his happiness and hope inside himself...his love for himself and others...his feeling generally safe and safe in my presence.....that is all the gift of joy..happiness I would need extended to me.

    To realize my son is taking the very best care of himself would be great!
    And to know ...that even loving families with loving foundation, need to allow for the privacy of the individual.
    Not all thoughts and experiences need to be shared with all people.

    You are a man, and yet you are her child.
    That alone could be another transition, ...made more difficult with your pressing physical issues that you need to attend to. I don't know...

    Taking care of yourself is of highest priority!......and take your time with best caring for you!....the rest will follow.

  • Im sorry I took a while to reply but i jave been trying to get a real proper diagnosis but doctors are tossing me around like a hot potato.

    I even gone to ER once now after a bad flare up and now they are saying it cant just be osteoarthritis. Worse about it all is thay l my condition is either mild at one point or Severe.
    so like a bad joke when i feel like a person again I get the wind knocked out of me.

    I just went to my primary as a follow up because my symptoms spread to every joint in my body in 3 months and the doctor gave me nothing for the pain, and looked at me like im crazy.

    All this Work and heartache is taking a toll on my family just to get a diagnosis... Im not even trying to get better anymore.

    Im practically taking care of my mom now becaue shes getting nauseous from all the problems latley. I just gave her some ginger tea.. Its really depressing to me as i look at myself taking care of her instead but i try my best to not feel bad for myself.

    And even more so I am the only one who has an idea but im not gonna try to diagnose myself even as self explanatory muscle skeletal diseases are but there is only one thing that one cannot deny and that is wolfs law; bone grows in density in the matter of which it is used or force applied to it similar to muscle.. And I know closing myself to any hope but im a prime example of it, because of my weightbearing past.
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  • i even said in honesty and trust to my doctor that i have taken upon my self during my first symptoms 3 years ago to get myself in the best shape of my life I even ended up joining the air force in confidence and providing for my mother and my grandmother at 20 years old.

    Now I see that It is really the hard workers, those of us who try to make a difference who are  destined fall victim to overuse injuries..

    You know its hard to cope with the depression when people that arent even in my position and dont even know me and my mother everywhere i go are holding back their tears every where I go.
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