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ACDF on 1 level 1 c5-c6, 9 days post -op

Hi, I am new to the site, This is my first post,

I reported symptoms of like rods shooting down the front of my knees, down my arms In May 2015, when ever I sneezed, attempted to run, squat, cough or shuffle positions while on my back in bed :s -. They found a disk pressing against my spinal cord. Over the months ( 9 long, un treated months). myelopathy kept coming up on searches - a sharp electric shock. Cracks and pops, like pulling a chicken leg off a carcass while tilting my head forward. One morning I woke up to feel like someone was standing on my big toe...then I didn't make it to the bathroom quite in time.

I contacted my othopedic, who admitted me to my local hospital to wait, he chased up the neurosurgeon. I was home in a total of 7 days, and 24 hours after surgery
it scared the hell out of me, the thought. The night before, the questions, the risks...ACDF ?
The night before consisted on IV's being inserted, surgery stockins put on, meeting me surgeon and registra to sign consent and talk about the risks and procedure. I also met and talked with anaethatist.
I will admit, I was a nervous wreck on my way to theatre, the pre op room consisted of 4 shots from a syringe of something to calm me down, a mask of air (and gas?) and then they said I was going to go to sleep with the next shot.

I woke up confused, but not in pain.
I was able to get about...fairly soon, and walk out side the hospital that night at 10:30 pm, the surgery lasted 4.5 hours and was done by 4:30pm
My neck was very stiff for the first 4 -6 days, I am advised to move about and not wear a collar. So that's what I do.
a ceramic and titanium spacer replaces the prolapsed, crumbled disk.
it's been 9 days, a lay 20-40% while sleeping, walk and do light house work (since day 2). The numbness in my fingertips is still there, today I've had the same old pains and the sensations, insecurities about limitations and for how long.

It's early days, I hope for improved symptoms over recovery...anything better than the way I was is a bonus. And that cracking sound has gone

Anyone have any advice on fusion and the pains I still have? The surgerys purpose was to stop deteriation...

Thank you


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,268
    hello michaelcottle!
    welcome to spine-health
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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,509


    You have just had major surgery and have a lot of healing to go, probably many months.  While getting up and being active is good, you may be overdoing it.  Listen to your body and let your friends and family assist you.

    I'm t months post op and still find myself overdoing it, including this weekend - so I slow down and rest.

    If you have serious concerns about symptoms, don't hesitate to ask your surgeon. 


    Read my story at Bruce - My Story
    ACDF C4-C5-C6-C7, and getting better every day
    It has been a process of healing, learning, exercising, and resting - and figuring out when to do which.

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  • MichaelcottleMMichaelcottle United KingdomPosts: 2

    Thanks for reading and replying Bruce!!!

    I must admit 13 days post surgery and my head feels twice as heavy, neck muscles are weak.
    I am a little gristly in the neck, and I swear it (the scar) felt like a piece of twine tightening on my neck.As you say, my bodys telling me to slow down, so I think I'll do that. I walk as if my head is an egg on a spoon and I have little confidence in public i.e an old friend busting me in a headlock at the supermarket, being fender bended in the car, slipping etc.

    I note you stated you have had c4-c7. How is recovery going over the last 6 months?


  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,509

    My recovery is going very well.  Thanks for asking.

    Most of my symptoms are gone, a few are still present but are much better.  I am happy with the results.


    Read my story at Bruce - My Story
    ACDF C4-C5-C6-C7, and getting better every day
    It has been a process of healing, learning, exercising, and resting - and figuring out when to do which.

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