2 day post - op New disk and Fusion

I can't believe how well I am doing.  I am 51 year old female.  6 weeks ago woke up in the morning sore neck and shoulder.  Thought I have slept wrong.  The next two days it got worse and extreme pain in my bi-cep muscle.  Went to my Chiro for about 1.5 weeks and only continued to get worse.  Then had full arm numbness thru thumb and index finger.  Had MRI done and saw orhro.  Two herniated disks, two more bulging.  But at c5 and c6 the herniated disk was in the spinal column and touching spinal nerve along with large bone spur.  So surgery was recommend due to the extreme arm weakness.  I was terrified!  I had a new disk put in place with a new type of fusion.  I can tell you what a relief.  I woke up with my arm being back to 90%.  Still have some slight numbness in my thumb. Yesterday was a little rough but much better than I had imagined.  Today I was released from hospital on oral pain meds.  My voice is a little horse and throat only slightly sore.  Yesterday it was sorer but kept water and some lozenges and it seemed to help a lot.  My neck just feels week and have to keep towel rolled up the the curve to help support.  I would highly recommend the surgery in my experience.


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    What was the new type of fusion???  What's it called...

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