Ime Normal!!

As i lay abed...

As usual..the sheets were a millimeter scrunched..which equals a pothole or two ro my back.

Too hot
Too cold
Roll over
Too cold
Too hot


I wish i was normal, i wish i had a normal life..
It hit me
I am normal
Well, at least a new normal...

When should i start expecting. To sleep good?
Its only been since 1999 that i last slept ok.

I walk funny
Always have a headache
My face hurts from the bone deformaty from the accident.
My Butthurts...

My my my..
I guess this is the normal i can expect no?

I go
I shoot picture
My back legs hurt
I sit.

I eat
I sometimes get a good BM!
Woo Hooo! For those in the know..yah know....

Sometimes i even relax a bit
Not worried about falling down when i walk
Or falling out of bed
Getting up out of bed
Slipping in the shower and torquing my back..again

I breath
I look around
I drink some water

I am.

Who decided that XYZ was the perfect norm?

I got mad skills at poetry
I can speak with ease in front of hundreds
I drove 2 Million safe miles..have they?

Who decided what is to be normal

Now..I decide what will be normal.
I can do that
Can do that.

What is stopping you?
Cmon, answer the Ranchhand..
Is it the fear that admitting that you may be
Tah tah tahhhhhhhh..
Different! what...

Everybody got their something
And me?
Ide rather hang with the Spiney than most others

Where else are yah gonna talk about all the aches, pains,BM's etc without them going all glassy eyed.

There is nothing wrong with all your insides
Its your outsides that are kinda funny acting.

Your brain muscle still works
Your live muscle still works..

Ok, get your mind outta the gutter..where do you feel love?
Yer heart...
Some parts work
Some dont...


Get busy livin Spiney.

What mad skills you got?
Sashaying funny down the isle at Walmart?
Cooking from a chair?
Stroking yor feline friend until they swoon?

Do you write
Do you read
Do you think about the deeper things

Do you laugh
Do you cry
Does the sunset make you sigh

Do you sing
Do you dance
Do you have a funny stance

Get on with life
Dont let it leave you behind

Its a condition you have
Not a death sentence

Ranch..from the Ranch
Its not a state of zen
Its a state of Ranch...


  • I was not
    A glass of water by the open window and my phone
  • rjwirth65rjwirth65 Kansas City, Missouri Posts: 5
    Very nice, William! I enjoy your writing. I'm new here, sort of. I joined after the first of the year, but really didn't start utilizing the forums until more recently. Then, I found this. It made me laugh and certainly identify with your words. 
    Cheers, Regards, Peace.

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  • Kimmy
    For some odd reason..the word beatnik reminds me of Gilligan banging on a drum with those john lennon dark glasses on
    How Odd...

  • Rebecca!
    Welcome to the Spiney Village, glad i could bring a smile..
    Its not easy being a Spiney and anything that helps is a good thing!

    We all still ...are Potential.
    We have possibilitys beyond what we are.
    We still have a vitality that is like a wall of water building up against a wall
    Always building, not yet flowing

    Until that life is so big that it does anyway.
    Were not so small as spineys that we dont have the seeds of greatness inside.

    What? Makes you Great?
    Everyone..What makes you Great???
  • Max_LeeMax_Lee New York, United StatesPosts: 174
    I can use words
    Tell it how
    I feel it
    I am most honest
    When I speak
    Using words
    I've written for many years
    Usually hidden
    My family does not have
    Much high regard
    For poets
    My room
    My hard drive
    Places on the internet
    Filled with hidden poems
    With words
    That show off how my
    Really feels
    That is the only thing
    I feel makes me
    Even alright
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  • Max..
    Keep writing, keep looking forward, even,when you look back, its only to see where you were..not where your heading.

    Get your life back where you feel you matter
    Where you feel you make more of a difference than the amazing distance youve come.

    You will feel Joy again
    You will feel whole again

    Maybe not who you remembered..but a newer sleeker stronger faster you.

    As Lance said once
    Live Strong!
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