What Matters

Here is one for a few of you.

It may sound arrogant, condescending..know it all..
So be it.

What matters most..
The MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT...of your life..

Is preserving a quality of life.

Wont give up physical pursuits...beccause you are a Contender, because you are champion..number nauseum...

You wont be anything but washed up and broken if you keep pushing when you should...STOP!

Stop..stop STOP!

As you know, ive written about not giving up
Not giving in...
Thats a different aspect of a champions personality..and their no.1 stopper of being a champion.
You dont quit
Wont quit.

Well..if your doing something detrimental to your Long Term Health..your,being unwise..

What use is it to win the battle, then lose the war?
Tell me..what do you get when you cant be no.1 anymore..
Ya get to see everybodys backside as they pass you by.
Many here
Many many here were 1%ers.
Top dog
Top of the game....

Ask them, open and honest like, and many will twll you all they have is a broke back and memories.

I was lead dog at 25, head hunted and courted by many companys
A never say die work ethic
100 plus hours a week behind the wheel.
Thats working , not sitting, not off or down time.
70, was the minimum.
And i sopped it up with a bisquit!
Then i got hurt the first time..
Not so many calls
Then other times..
Harder work to do less and less
Accident in 99?
Calls stopped.

Same work ethic
Body wont.
Now 30 hours has me laid up and wishing for a morphine drip.

Has been
Washed up.

Because i thought being numero uno was more important.
You ask me what would i change?
I would go back before i foolishly broke my health.

I see people saying that leaving the life style behind is not an option
Cant do it
Too young
Too invested
To vain..etc

Failure, will be the only option if you continue hurting yourself.

Tough talk?
I feel sad at people who lose it all
Because of a fallacy, a fantasy..a dream.

Your Health overall is NUMBER 1.
Your here because you got hurt
Ot were hurt through no fault of your own.

Preserving a quality of life is more important for the long run.

Think about this Spiney..
You think its bad now?
Add regret to all the other issues.

Play hard
Play smart.

There are others here
Old and new timers.

I want to hear your storys.
Would you trade anything for a chance to do it over?

Ime not targeting anyone
If we cant be honest among ourselves, who can we be honest with?
Surely not ourselves if we live in denial...


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Hi William!
    Sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean when you say, "Would you trade anything for a chance to do it over?"
    So I may be off track with my response.
    And then re quality of life....I just read post about hospice which may reflect in my answer.

    I have  no regrets for my past active choices with my healthier life.
    My chronic pain life now...yes I think my doctor concerned for my quality of life being a priority.
    And that is something my PM helps me with and continually adjusts to my symptoms.

    PM doc helps keep me comfortable as possible with edge off pain and nausea and such..
    I do my part, also, by being aware of my personal world shrinking and how to adjust.
    From learning much on SH, and in my thinking of ways to expand my world, my priority is also quality of life.

    Not sure, but think it may be different for some.

    I have never been candidate for surgery. There is nothing to "cure" in my case.
    Thats not to say some things don't come up, usually with my primary doctor, and if can be cured..will be attended to for curative treatment.
    So I think my comfort level and quality of life..and widening my world., staying connected with others....most important.

  • A chance to change the ultimate outcome.
    That is, if it was possible, to do something different to make your quality of life better now.
    I realise, some had this thrust on them, and not their fault..but me..continued to push and now my Q.O.L. is less than what iy could have been.
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  • What is Quality of life to you?

    Mearely an open question...
    And,is there a difference between what you percieved a good quality of life then vs now?
  • Max_LeeMax_Lee New York, United StatesPosts: 174
    Given the chance, I would have let the stupid equipment fall. I'd probably still have my job and wouldn't have the daemons I have now. I wouldn't have kept silent, I would have fought for myself more. I wouldn't have let them beat me into something that no longer represents a human being.
    I'm often reminded by a song by 5 Finger Death Punch - Remember
    Everything - where a man asks if he could do all these impossible
    things, if the one who has wronged him could take away the pain and
    guilt he has over what happened, and wonders if he will ever be able to
    forget what happened: 
    If I could hold back the rain,
    Would you numb the pain?
    'Cause I remember everything
    If I could help you forget,
    Would you take my regrets?
    'Cause I remember everything.
    A lot of the time, I feel like that man in the
  • The Sadness in the pieces of the life left behind...
    The silent cancer of ascent...
    Eats and eats until teardrops rain in a world of silence.
    And so to bow and pray to the words

    Could have
    Should have

    Luckily, we have as many second chances as we need to be strong again.

    That carousel of regret
    Endless sweeping away of the innocence
    And youthfull arrogance
    What we knew..
    Is the Sun that never shone.

    And the circles that you find
    The mirrors of your face
    Revolving round in time
    Images out of place
    You have the time
    But ran out of space.

    The heart is full 
    Round and,round it goes
    Never ending wheels
    Forgetting of how it feels...

    Then salty tears of sadness
    Waves upon your shores
    Winds upon the madness
    The wind upon the moors

    Old is the comfort
    That old familiar scar
    Rubbing raw against the cloth and ashe of the life undefined.

    There has to be a reason
    The music of the tide
    Set your sails to westward
    And sit astride the seed.

    Leave your regrets, anger and your trial
    We have enough remorse from those who judge that we dont need to add to our own time to serve.

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  • Can or do you contribute toward starting a new chapter on the QOL issues?
    I know i had to..and still do at times
    Adjusting downward in increments..but sometimes i try to balance that with something new to fill the gap
    Photography for me.

  • gfishggfish Pittsburgh PAPosts: 111
    As you said, Your Health overall is NUMBER 1. When I was much younger I beat the crap out of my body. At work, home, And just thinking I was indestructible. It was great being young in a healthy body. YES! I would do it all different. Thats  asking for help to move something that's to heavy. To doing something in a day that should take 3-days to do. I beat my body hard in my construction job that I had. Its not till I hurt my back that I found out..Stop!! Do you want to walk and be able to move when your old and retired? Im 51 and dont think I will. A windy day at work, up on a ladder. Yea, Wind blew me off and now I have a 7 level thoracic fusion. All I should have said was... lets wait till tomorrow when its less windy. One day vs what happened to my back.  Yes I would do it all over again. Not be the guy that does everything. The go to guy. Now that guy is done. Was it worth it, did it need done immediately, No. And I am paying the price for something I was asked to do. Something I should have said no to.   
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