Preparing for a second opinion five months post fusion

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Good evening,

I had PLIF of L5-S1 exactly five months ago.  My recovery has been tougher than I imagined.  My surgeon keeps saying "images are fine, you shouldn't be in this kind of pain".  I want to get a second opinion for my own piece of mind as I am so worried that my surgeon missed something.  Also, some of my radiology reports had some concerning language that my surgeon didn't do a good job of reviewing with me.  My questions are:

1. Any suggestions in choosing a dr for a second opinion that wouldn't hesitate to critically analyze the work of a very well recognized surgeon?
2. My surgeon was orthopedic. I heard neurosurgeon v. Orthopedic doesn't make much difference.  Is there a reason to choose one over the other for a second opinion?
3. I am working on gathering my pre and post op X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, with the accompanying radiology reports.  Is there anything else I should get?  I don't want to tell my current surgeon I am going elsewhere for a variety of reasons (we have friends in common being one).  Of course, if it turns out my surgeon did miss something - he will find out I got a second opinion.  If I can avoid it initially and not order items from his office, I'd rather.
4. Is anyone willing to share their post-op second opinion story?  I hope I am wrong, but I feel something really isn't right, and my surgeon has the attitude that everything is fine.  I don't know why he would not reveal a potential issue, but based on my CT, I think I may not have gotten the whole story.

Any other thoughts on a second opinion post-op?  Thanks for reading.  



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    It is not unusual for surgeon to refer post op patients, with continued pain..refer them to pain management doctor.
    PM can help take edge off of your pain and continue to monitor your recovery.

    He would be able to do additional testing to see what might be causing your pain issues.
    PM also continues to monitor the spine and would know refer you back to surgeon.
  • Thanks Savage!  I did see a pain management dr a few times.  He was not very helpful.  He didn't have any ideas (or seem to care) about the source of pain, he just medicated me.  I got a bad vibe from that clinic in particular. I know some people have great experiences with their PM doctors.  This particular one was not for me.  For my piece of mind, I really want another surgeon to take a look at my images.  Thanks for your suggestion - I appreciate it!
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  • Thanks Kimmy!  Based on my research (I know I shouldn't self diagnose) I think my CT shows a potential issue.  I am leaning toward a neurosurgeon b/c I agree, I think it is nerve related.  No, I haven't had anyone mention nerve studies.  I think my surgeon is sick of hearing from me!  Thanks again for your thoughts - I hope you are doing OK.
  • Hi Kimmy, how are you doing?  What is an EMG?  I'm so sorry you are having such a tough road.  Keep in touch and let me know how things go!  I saw my sports med DO last week.  He went over my CT with me, and referred a couple surgeons for second opinions.  I am so nervous and hope it doesn't take long to get in!  Take care, hope you're doing ok.
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