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Well my ACDF failed

I saw the surgeon who worked on my neck last August today. The surgeon said the CT scan showed non union...basically I started to fuse but stopped. They never did get me a bone growth stimulator for my neck...and now it is looking like I have to face more surgery.

My husband wouldn't let my original doctor do surgery on me again if it was free and he had a note from God stating that I would have a good outcome.

I'm thoroughly tired of constant pain and having to have one surgery after another. I'm trying to get the doctor who did my lumbar spine to redo my neck. That might mean waiting a year.



  • gfishggfish Pittsburgh PAPosts: 239
    I am having problems with my 7 level thoracic fusion. And in constant pain also. I am not blaming my doctor. He said I would would be fine in 6 months! Its been 14 months and Its still pretty bad.  Any fusion on your spine is never good. Its not the surgeon, but how your body reacts with what he/she did.  I bet it would have turned out the same with any other doctor. There is so much that can make a difference, age only is a big factor. plus how healthy and in shape you are are before surgery.  A person that's  40, over weight and does nothing. compared to a 40 year old who does exercise and watches there weight.  Who do you think has a better chance on recovery? Doctors are not miracle workers, they are not blessed with any power of healing anyone. Thats why its called a  practice. I for one will go back to mine. At least he knows what he is looking at and how it was done. Good luck. Your not the only one. 
    Greg fisher
  • I am so sorry for that horrible news!  I can't imagine how tough and discouraging that must be.  I wish you the best of luck in securing an excellent surgeon to do a revision in a timely matter, and a speedy recovery.  My thoughts are with you.
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  • Thank you all. It is nice to have a forum where people can relate to what I've been going through.

  • KerJ413KKerJ413 Ringwood NJPosts: 1
    I completely feel your frustration Jamesgirll! I had an ACDF on C6-C7 last June 30th using my own hip bone to fill the disc space. Well, it fused only to C7, leaving a gap between the hip bone and C6. As a result, and because my surgeon is very aggressive, I ended up having a posterior fusion with hardware done on March 1st. Now, all I can do is wait and pray for success this time. I'm also waiting to get a cervical bone growth stimulator. Insurance denied it, but that's another story in itself. LOL! Anyway, I NEVER want to have a posterior cervical anything ever again! Of my 3 lumbar fusions, the ACDF, and the hip bone graft, that last posterior surgery was the absolute worst (not to scare you. I'm sorry if I did). I wish you the best! 
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
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  • RacinredRRacinred United StatesPosts: 45
     So sorry to hear the non union of the bone in your fusion! I am 31 days post op c2-C7 fusion and I am praying mine fuses!  I also used my own so reading this my heart goes out to you. I am here to listen! I may not have read enough but what is the plan now? Wishing you all he luck and here to listen! 
  • Sorry everyone that I did not write back sooner my husband's dog died April 15th.
    I have been really depressed. Blayze had gotten so skinny I knew something was wrong. He had cancer and was bleeding internally. My husband always petted him on the head and he is legally blind. He couldn't see how his hip bones were sticking you could see every rib and he didn't feel all the vertebra in his back.He stopped wanting go out and he always loved the outdoors. I lifted him into the car which even though he had lost so much weight...that was way over my weight limit for my lumbar fusion surgery from January 29th. I knew my husband would have told me if he didn't want to go in the car NOT to make him. He also always loved riding in the car. We got to the vet and suddenly he couldn't walk right and when they put him on the scale he layed down. He weighed fifty six pounds. Down from seventy seven.

    The nurse asked me if we had thought of putting him down and I said no. My husband had told me NOT to put his dog down. I told her that I was afraid he had heartworm.she said no he was very sick. I called my husband and told him...He was working from home. I went and picked him up. We went into the room and they carried out Blayze on a blanket. My husband said he didn't even look like himself and then we had a talk with the vet and had him put down.

    Also I can't find another doctor to do my neck. So I don't know what to do.
  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 603
    Wow. I'm sorry about your neck not fusing & sorry to hear about your dog. That's tough. My golden retriever will be 15 in June. She's basically healthy, just a lot of arthritis. I know our days with her are getting shorter. 
    I had a failed neck surgery & ended up having posterior surgery to put more hardware in. I also had to find another doctor to do the second surgery. 
    I agree with the other post, the second surgery was the worst! A lot more pain & a lot more recovery time. 
    Good luck finding a new doctor. 

  • 3dm33dm New MexicoPosts: 22
    I am so sorry for your loss. Considering what you are going through, do you have a counselor you can talk to? After my Mum passed away,  it was all I could do to get out of bed.  Grieving is really difficult,  let alone trying to also manage your pain.

    Can you go to a city to consult with a surgeon?  Are you in the States?
  • Yay my surgeon who did my lumbar spine has agreed to take over my neck issues. No more quack doctor!
    Yes I'm in America.
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