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Well my ACDF failed



  • RacinredRRacinred United StatesPosts: 45
    So sorry to hear this! I had C2- C7 fusion and went for my first post op last week. He told me i will have a CT in about 12 weeks to make sure the fusion is fusing....... I have a question is a bone stimulation something that is often ordered? Thank you for any help and I am so sorry for all the loss your have had and hope things get better! 
  • A bone growth stimulator is often ordered. I have one for my lumbar spine but not my neck. It's been three months since my lumbar spine surgery and it is almost fused.

    I found out that my equipment in my neck is indeed broken and it's quite likely that I will need a revision surgery in the fall..with hopefully a different doctor.

    Thanks for the kind words and sympathy this had been a long, hard, painful process and caused many arguments between my husband and myself.

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  • KerJ413 said:

    I completely feel your frustration Jamesgirll! I had an ACDF on C6-C7 last June 30th using my own hip bone to fill the disc space. Well, it fused only to C7, leaving a gap between the hip bone and C6. As a result, and because my surgeon is very aggressive, I ended up having a posterior fusion with hardware done on March 1st. Now, all I can do is wait and pray for success this time. I'm also waiting to get a cervical bone growth stimulator. Insurance denied it, but that's another story in itself. LOL! Anyway, I NEVER want to have a posterior cervical anything ever again! Of my 3 lumbar fusions, the ACDF, and the hip bone graft, that last posterior surgery was the absolute worst (not to scare you. I'm sorry if I did). I wish you the best! 

    Hi KerJ413,

       I am going to have my 3rd surgery on May 19 and its posterior laminectomy & fusion of the C4-7. Can you share in detail your story. I am bummed that my second surgery was not as successful as the first but I am hopeful this will take me out of the pain I am currently having ! Doc says 95% sure this will take me out of pain and I can resume all activities when healed. I have heard such horror stories about the back of the neck ! ANY advise would be welcomed!

    I am sorry to hear you had to endure several surgeries ! Good Luck in your continued recovery!

  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 603
    When I had my first neck surgery, the doctor went in through the front of my neck. I ended up not fusing. I found a new doctor & he ordered me a bone growth stimulator to wear 4 hours a day. Unfortunately, it didn't help my neck to fuse. 9 months later, I had a second surgery, through the back of my neck. It was so much worse than the first surgery! Bigger incision. Much longer recovery. I wore a soft collar for around 2 months. I told my doctor that it felt like the back of my neck was exploding. 
    My advice is to keep up with your pain meds. Don't let the pain get ahead of you. I found that sleeping in my bed was just not feasible. I slept in the recliner. 
    Good luck with your upcoming surgery! 
  • Motor 1 are you fused now finally after the posterior surgery?
    I just want to be fused and to get this broken equipment out of my neck.
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  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 603
    Yes, I am fused now. 7 screws total in my neck now. 
  • Motor 1 do you feel better now?
  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 603
    My initial injury feels better. I'm now dealing with the leftover pain & nerve issues. And now I have discs bulging above & below my fusion. My doctor said there's nothing that can be done about the other discs right now. 
    I'm  being seen by a pain management doctor. My last pain doctor only wanted to discuss putting in a spinal cord stimulator. I really don't want another surgery. I've already had 3 from this injury. 
    My new pain doctor is wanting to try more injections. I'm ok with that. 
  • Man Motor that sucks.
  • What's the other surgery you've had from this injury if you don't mind me asking....was it also a spinal surgery? You only mention two surgeries for your neck.
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