Cervical stenosis & numbness/weakness left arm

Hey Folks,

I am 31 years old that was recently diagnosed with Cervical Stenosis, along with Disc Degeneration Disease, and central canal stenosis along C5-C6 (mild to moderate) and C6-C7.

I have led an active lifestyle and this came as a huge blow :neutral:" alt=":neutral:" height="20" /> , I do have numbness along my left thumb and weakness along left arm e.g grips are affected.

I took the conservative route to manage this problem (avoiding steroids, focussing on anti-inflammatories, icing, postural changes/PT). I have had conflicting opinions regarding numbness and weakness, some of the docs I met, suggested that it shouldnt prolong for more than a month or two, but some did mention that if it stays along for couple of months, there is no guarantee, it would go away. 

Has any one faced this dilemma? I am contemplating a nerve root injection to resolve this. Would this actually help? 



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  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 62
    I went to my GP in 2009 complaining that my left pointer finger tip was becoming numb and tingly.
    I took a few visits before he finally sent me to a neurologist, who ordered x-rays and an MRI.
    The stenosis and disc degeneration are now (2016) 'Severe'. My issues are at C4-5 and C5-6. 24/7 there is a beach ball pressing on the back of my head. How hard varies. I am dizzy half the day, and in discomfort, as if my head is not squarely and properly on my neck, most of the night. Nothing is comfortable after more than 20 minutes to half an hour.
    One friend had herniated disc surgery 30 years ago and hasn't missed a beat since he got out of PT. Another one has never been the same. Chronic pain, bone chips left in, permanent disability for 30 years.
    And another my age, 63 or so, just had some sort of 'procedure' to his neck, and has 'respiration' issues 'coming out', and last I heard a day or two ago was still in ICU.
    I am in my second round of applying for disability from a personal policy I have been paying on. And if i don't get satisfaction this time, I will get attorneys involved.
    I didn't know a chronic headache was coming. Nor insomnia, loss of appetite and energy. All related. And all 'psychosomatic', as the only 'cause' is my brain.

    I hate feeling like the Grim Reaper, but I do not envy you. You are young, and have some tough decisions to look at. Being aware of it early, you have time and chance to research the degeneration process, and what is to come. In '09, no one told me what the further degeneration would affect.
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  • I had moderate spinal cord stenosis at c4/c5, severe at c5/c6 and mild at c6/c7. I never had a nerve root injection so can't speak to that. I did do PT and used muscle relaxers when the spasms would kick in. I eventually ended up having acdf from c4-6 because of the severity of the stenosis 8 weeks ago. It's always best to try conservative treatments until they don't work. If you do get to the point of needing surgery, try not to read too many scary stories. Those of us who have had successful procedures don't post as often. I suggest finding a well respected neurosurgeon or orthopedic doc to guide your treatment plan. 
  • Art1947AArt1947 Holywell, UKPosts: 105
    Dear All and Olywombat Hi, Do you have balance and gait problems? I had an emergency Laminectomy at C5/ C6 in November 2015 and 7 months on I am mobile with a walking stick but still have challenges with my gait and dynamic balance. Regards, Art1947
  • Art1947AArt1947 Holywell, UKPosts: 105
    P.S. What is a nerve root injection, What's it for?  Regards, Art1947W
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  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 62
    When in 'dizzy' mode, as opposed to 'pain' mode, I tend to 'wander' a little. But I have developing arthritis in my hips, that has me walking kind of funny too. It's a good idea for me to hold something when I stand up.

  • lamyrallamyra Columbia, SCPosts: 2
    Hi all. I had a laminectomy from C2 - T2 on April 5, 2016. Had been having symptoms of nerve damage for about 10 months & had been misdiagnosed as having Transverse Myelitis. 
    Recovery seems to be very slow. Am still having difficulty walking & need to use a walker or cane. Most of my weakness is in my right side & affects my arm & hand as well as my leg. Am having some pain in my arm & hand now.
    has anyone else had a similar surgery? If so, can you tell me about your experiences & recovery?  I understand it is a slow process but would love some reassurance that recovery is possible.
    thanks so much.

  • Hey Art, I had issues with balance and gait as well as reflexes before the surgery but haven't been tested since. It honestly didn't seem as bad to me as docs thought it was but does seem better after. I'm not walking with as wide a stance anymore. 
  • Art1947AArt1947 Holywell, UKPosts: 105
    Lamyra Hi, I hope you are not suffering too much. I had an emergency laminectomy at C5/ C6  in November 2015 and I started mobilizing with a walker and moved on to a walking stick in January 2016. I started to walk 100 yards building up to a1000/ 1300 yards a day in the street in May. For 3 months after my operation I had severe pain in my feet and legs and a lot of leg jumping and spasms. I still have very bad days when I feel very tired. My experience is that every step forward has been accompanied by new or different pain. I  still have a bad gait and dynamic balance challenges. The short answer is that there is hope of a full or almost full recovery, I base that on my experience so far and on Justingarner's case(on this forum), he has helped me a lot just by knowing what he has achieved in 2 years post op. How far can you walk? I wish you well. Regards, Art1947
  • Art1947AArt1947 Holywell, UKPosts: 105
    Olywombat Hi, Thanks. Do you need a walking aid/ stick? I wish you well. Regards, Art1947
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