Cervical stenosis & numbness/weakness left arm



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    hello lamyra!
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    Hello, Heterodyned. Your case sounds a little similar to mine (stenosis on same cervical levels with DDD). I first had symptoms when I was 33 after having a twisting-type concussion. I had numbness issues and foggy head, etc. But it was only diagnosed as post-concussion syndrome. It took me 15 months to recover, but I had a full recovery. During this time, I stayed active, but was being careful with my activities. Man, I was a mess.

    Anyway, at 38 I started to lift weights and noticed some exercises caused some of these symptoms to return, but I kept returning to original form without doctor visits by continuing exercising that didn't aggravate the symptoms.

    Now, a year later, I had 2 things that put me over the edge. I did some bad arm stretching that caused some problems and then when I was getting a haircut overseas, the stylist decided (on his own) to suddenly give me some aggressive massage on the pressure point at the back of my skull. That really caused some major issues for me the next day. That was in March and I am still trying to recover.

    I just had a second epidural (non-steroidal) today and will be visiting a rehab specialist this Friday as well as next month when I return to the States.

    My hope is I can self-manage my situation now that I understand what my issues are. I now know to avoid bad posture and will focus on good mechanics and exercises. I'm really hoping I can recover like in times past. My discs are bulging due to degeneration, but some of it is due to injury and hopefully can shrink enough to free up a little space.

    I have had numbness come and go, but most of my issues are with the cord itself. It sounds like your bulge is on the nerve root? I'm curious what your doctor recommended with regard to epidural. I'm also curious what they have you doing in PT. 

    Good luck. 

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  • Hey Art, nope, no aids of any kind. Hope things are still improving for you. :-)

  • Art1947 said:
    P.S. What is a nerve root injection, What's it for?  Regards, Art1947W
    I'd like to know too
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    @Art1947 and @BOWTIE the search tool at the top right of this page is a great way of learning about spine treatments.  If you search for "nerve root injection" you will find articles, videos and other forum discussions.
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    Bruce Thank you, Arthur
  • I had a similar experience to you but actually went through with the surgery due to herniated discs in c4-5,5-6,6-7. Most symptoms and all tingling went away and I was doing rally well until bone spurs started forming on the inside of my fusion and caused compression and a herniation at levels 3-4. I then had a spacer put it and am now recovering.  I'm 40 years old and pain is up and down.....where are you at now?
  •  I was in an off the road four wheeling accident back in the 80's. We flipped down a steep hill 7 times. I had on seatbelt but back then no shoulder strap. I had x-rays and was told I had some pinched nerves and there was nothing that could be done to help me. I have had pain in my neck since the accident and was prescribed soma muscle relaxers. Fast forward to 2007 I started having tremors in both legs and the pain in my neck intensified A few months later I started falling down a lot. I went to dr and she did neurological exam and when she checked my legs, and found the tremors, she referred me to neurologist. Went to neurologist and had one test after another over a period of a couple months...  MRI,  Myelogram, x-rays, and CT scan. I was then referred to neurosurgeon. I was told I need surgery and was referred to spine specialist. It took a few months to actually see spine specialist, also since I had no insurance, was put on waiting list. By this time I am in so much pain I swear, looking back, don't know how I got through it. Neck pain, shoulder pain, the worst pain imaginable. Also pain in left arm and no use of fingers on left hand. Also I could barely walk even with walker I filed for disability but of course that took forever. Finally the day came to see spine specialist. He looked at my films and told me I had THE worst case of degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis of a person my age that he had ever seen. I was 47 at the time. He scheduled for surgery one week later. They removed C2-T1and fused with titanium cage, plate and screws. I remember coming to in the recovery room, heavily sedated of course but I had been on Dilaudid AND methadone for years so I had a high tolerance. The first thing I did was raise my left arm and open and closed my hand several times because before the surgery I had no use at at all of arm, hand, and fingers. I was ecstatic. They kept me heavily medicated while in hospital. Five days later I had second surgery. They cut me from the middle of the back of my head  down between my shoulder blades and put in 2 rods. I was in the hospital a few more days then moved to rehab for physical therapy. I was there one week exactly, the last day the therapist had me walk down the hall and back (on walker) and when I was about halfway back he took my walker and told me to walk the rest of the way without it. And I made it!  He said it was time for me to go home. I wore a neck brace for about 6 months also had one of those bone graft stimulators I wore for several hours every day, can't remember how long. This was in 2009.  It took me about 18 months to recover. I then stopped the Dilaudid but stayed on methadone, finally was able to get off it. February 22, 2016 was my last dose. I do take soma and that helps but I do not see any difference when I take gabapentin. My surgeries were very successful   It decreased my pain tremendously. I still have pain and always will and the past few months my neck and shoulders have been giving me hell but I don't want to go back to narcotics. Maybe it's just the aging process, I don't know but my dr ordered a CT scan and bone density check  to see if something is wrong. I am old as dirt, will be 54 next week. Hopefully, if anyone makes it all the way through this way too long of a message, I hope it can (and will) help anyone facing spine surgeries and will give them hope. One more thing, my range of motion is not much. I can turn my head to the right, but not to the left. I can look up very well but I can not look down at all. I do stumble sometimes but falling is rare, especially compared to before surgeries....
  • congrats on a long arduous your positive attitude.
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