feeling like an inconvenience to everyone around you

i have ddd scoliosis and an arachnoid cyst on my back from T2 to T 11. i have 3 kids at home and it so hard on me emotionally to see your kids imitating how you walk and hold your back. They ask if you are ok and why you walk that way. Not being able to play with them rough house. Sometimes it hurts when they give me a hug around my neck. I have a 2 year old i feel so horrible having to ask my husband to pick our daughter because i can't do it putting her in the car seat because i can't do it and i don't think he understands completely how much pain it causes me physically and emotionally. Having to take off work to take me to my dr appointments staying home off  work because drowsy from medicine from procedures he keeps saying i'm not an inconvenience but it feels like i am at times all this stuff we have to do extra just because of me.  


  • I would try not to feel like an inconvenience.
    If you feel like an inconvenience you will act like you are an inconvenience and therefore plant the seeds that make him see you as an inconvenience.
    Try to do what small things  you can to help him when  you can but don't expect gratitude or even for him to notice.
    Some guys love unconditionally and that is a wonderful thing untill we ruin it with our disappointment and complaints.
    Try to remain positive. I know very well that it's not always easy. I cry at my own situation every day but pitying myself  and all of the extra things he has to do doesn't put my better half in a good mood with me. 
    He may, or he may not fully understand or appreciate your pain but the way you share your pain will depend on whether you are lovable or an inconvenience.
    I hope you dont find this harsh. It is exactly where I am right now and I write this to myself from my own experience on this matter aswell as to you.
    Best Wishes 
  • lachance90lachance90 MissouriPosts: 38
    no not too harsh sometimes we need to hear about staying positive. Everything is just happening so fast and i'm a person to plan things and i'm having a hard time not being able to plan it when i have no clue whats going to happen. I try to stay positive i have 3 beautiful kids that are amazing and a wonderful husband that loves me unconditionally. I would say i am more aggravated at myself than pity myself. I used be very active and the fact that it causes me pain makes me mad.  
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